Fantasia Gets Close To ‘After Midnight’ Broadway Castmate Dule Hill


Fantasia Dule Hill InstagramOn stage and off we’ve been seeing Fantasia and actor Dule Hill together pretty often.  The pair are currently starring in the Broadway musical After Midnight in New York City and while this could just be good press for the that production, things look pretty touchy with these cast mates.  Fantasia Dule Hill Instagram 2You mave seen Dule Hill in the past on NBC’s West Wing and on the USA Network’s Psych.  He’s back on the dating scene after recently separated from his wife Nicole Lyn  of eight years. And our sister in song Fantasia’s seems to be done with Mr. Antwaun “gave her way too much drama” Cook.  Catch a little bit of Fantasia singing in the Broadway musical about jazz music “After Midnight” below.

Fantasia was on The Tom Joyner show last week and was excited about being on Broadway again saying,

For this five months [referring to Broadway], I’m doing something totally, totally different. And I thank God. I’m allowing him to do things in my life and I’m allowing Him to take control of it. When we do that, we mess up. This five months is just me and God.


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