Fantasia Talks About Her Baby Daddy, Music, and How the Media Treats Her



Our girl Fantasia opened up about her relationship with Antwaun Cook, new music, and her perception of the media with Ifelicious

Fantasia on her Music and Relationship with Antwaun Cook:

“All of my music is not just based on Antwaun. You know, he plays a big part. I think with the songs like, you know, where I speak about ‘I’m a lady, I’m a woman,’ and I came in at the beginning of the song and I say ‘Look, the world says this love is no good to me, but my heart says that it is.’ So I think it’s my way of speaking to everybody…You only heard what you heard, you only got what you got. But you never got to see that real love and that relationship, that friendship that we had. They kept running with this whole knowledge thing, and she stole somebody from some woman…Well, if everybody really looks at it and goes and does their research, I won that case. So obviously, if I won that case, it never was what they said it was. But once something gets out there, people believe everything they hear, or they just put their own twist, their own spin to it…Regardless of what you say, he’s still my son’s father. I still do love him. No, we’re not together, but he’s still a great father, a great friend, and nobody’s gonna change that. So I would have to say that this album is my way of letting go of a lot of things, letting go of a lot of things holding me back, the world mainly.”


Fantasia’s preception of the media and her LOVE/HATE relationship with it:

“But the main thing that hurt me, the industry was the main thing that hurt me. It wasn’t really the relationship. It was the world. It was me having to turn on my TV and seeing my name all over CNN, TMZ, all over the blogs, all over radio station. That hurt me the most. Some of the main people that sat and voted for me and said that they loved me, they were fickle. And stuff started happening, and people believed what they wanted to believe. And as far as putting all types of stuff out, that hurt me the most. But the industry hurt me the most…I never understood how someone could love you so much at one point, and then months down the line, everybody is against you, everybody’s trying to make a mockery of you.


Fantasia says other celebrities do DIRT TOO:

“And let me just say this, there’s been so many other artists, and I’m not gone say any names, who have been in the same situation that I have, but you never hear it. So Fantasia was that person that they said ‘Hey, let’s make her the crash dummy.Let’s make her the person who we’ll talk about. We’ll never praise her good but we will always expose her bad.’ So I would have to say “Side Effects of You,” my main hurt, all of those songs came from the industry…And I’m not just talking about Antwaun. I’ve been in a lot of relationships where they’ve just been, not good.”


What do you think about Fantasia’s interview?

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  1. I will always love you! You are a great inspiration, let people talk and do you! Carolyn

  2. Fantasia no one is perfect and you are right abut the world. we get caught up and so judgmental about celebrity lives that we forget that you are regular human beings as well. You must also remember that with the life style you live, you will always remain in the public eye and will always be judged and scrutinized, no its not fair but that is how the world is, just keep your head up, keep your faith, and always remember you are not alone. there are a lot of people who truly adore you and look up to you so you keep going for them. Love ya Tai Tai, you are unique and one of a kind………

  3. we all are human no matter hw popular you are. So with that bein said we have to you have only one man to answer to n he wll forgive you when man scandalizn your name. Keep your head up Ms. lady.

  4. Fantasia,
    From one sister to another, learn from your mistakes and go live your life! Do it for you and your children and no one else.

  5. Fantasia I loved u ure voice from day one of idol. I supported o then an now. When u began u made me feel like a real normal everyday person had talent an was gonna win. U had ure ups an downs an as ppl use to struggling u know how to get back on ure feet . Even though u r very soft spoken u r a strong courageous black woman. U have two beautiful children everytime things in life r the industry tends to b a bit much look at those faces an nothing else will matter. My kids saved my life when life became a bit too much for me. The thought of the hurt I would put them through was unbarable. So keep ure head up embrace ure gift an enjoy ure life!!! 🙂 love u tasia!

  6. See Tasia if u were so strong the shit wouldn’t matter the problem is it’s done hit ur purse!! U know it’s a fickle town everywhere u know that, u have to be strong enough to lie in a bed U make! Now that’s Real Love.

  7. They did the same thing to Whitney. Don’t let them do it to you. Keep your head up. I been rooting for you since American Idol. You haven’t done nothing the next one haven’t done. I love you.

  8. you are so talented. use it. people are always going to talk, if not you they are going to talk about somebody. let that motivate you. they talked about JESUS CHRIST!


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