Fashion Alert! Fashion Do…or Fashion Don’t?


Back out or Back In? Sometimes women just can’t see themselves from the back. LADIES…there is a reason for the wonderful invention of SPANX. There is a reason LA Fitness always have specials for enrollment and then there are just good old fashioned push-ups you can do right in the comfort of your own home. There is also the option of NOT wearing your back out in public. You be the judge! Observe the pics and vote. Fashion Yes or No’mam?
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Fashion Yes or No Ma’mam?

Fashion Yes or No Ma’mammmm?

Fashion Yes or No Ma’ammmm

Fashion Yes or No Ma’mammm

Fashion Yes or No Ma’mammm

You be the judge.


  1. I dunno… None of the ladies look “Bad” to me. I do admit that the one in the white dress with fur on top has a build different from the dress she’s wearing. None of the ladies are overweight so they’re good IMO. Please tell the young girls that it’s ok to not be perfect.

  2. 1.YES

  3. Oh please this is real stupid…………..when you age you put on some weight, rather you want to or not. At 20 you may not have one ounce of back fat but after having a kid or at 40 your body changes and you may have it but so what


  5. Did you take these pictures without their knowing? That is just plain rude. Honestly, nobody is a supermodel and they can wear whatever the hell they want! These women are beautiful, and honestly, it’s people like you that make me sick.

  6. I clicked on the pic of someone in skinny jeans hoping they where out, they look retarded. no opinion on backs as long as there’s no back boobs

  7. Some of these women look ok and some don’t:

    1) Yes – She’s in overall good condition. Her arms are toned and body has a healthy weight and proportion, so she can get a pass.
    2) Nooooooooo.
    3) Absolutely not.
    4) That woman with fur could use some support hosiery to lift and smooth her hips and rear, but she’s not the worst I’ve seen. She’s at least a good weight.
    5) Yes – great figure -toned, fit physique.
    6) No – although she has a classic figure, her tattoos ruin the dress along with her hairstyle. Trashy all the way.

  8. How judgemental. I am not a fan of tattoos but I don’t think there’s anything trashy about locks. Its natural. If anything is trashy, its trying to look like something you are not all of the time with long, multicolored weaves. Its time for Eurocentrism to go!

  9. Geez, this is fashion people! You’re allowed to think something doesnt’ look good. No one is saying it’s wrong to not be thin and fit; they’re saying not to flaunt features that are not attractive. and no; back fat isn’t attractive on any one. All of you accusing others of rudeness or judgement are making assumptions of your own. ~rolls eyes~
    this article was less informative than i hoped though. i was looking more for dress styles and shoes that have gone out of style; not a tip that you should flaunt fat.

  10. all these ladies are african american, and being fat is good thing. Personally they all need to go to the gym and tone up

  11. Is this an old people prom or something?!?! Ladies please…when we reach a seasoned age, dress appropiately and not like your 20 yrs old or younger again. Be proud to reach an age of sophistication and be classy!

  12. Well, I believe that fashion isn’t important as long You’re happy. in my opinion You shall wear anything as long You like it and You feel comfortble, life is short so live it, don’t let people effect You.
    I spent half of my life listening to others opinions which made me a loser. I’m only 14 .. i’m such a kid I know that.
    But I wanted to say my own opinion.
    Don’t judge people.
    Stay happy.

    Best wishes sara.

  13. Excessive back rolls are not attractive. If you can wear a backless dress with out flab hanging out then why not? These women look OK from the back. Except the one in the white dress with fur, from behind it is not flattering because of her broad build. A deep V-neck back or a back with drape might have served her better to downplay the broadness. Honestly she looks a bit “linebackerish.” Also the lady in the black with the ruffles. Not a good backless look for her because of the flab. Not saying she has to cover completely, but she should show less back and maybe go with a more drapey back that hides the flab. Just my opinion.

  14. Totally agree with Kaela’s every word. Do not expose what is not attractive. Nothing to do with age.

  15. back fat?
    Don’t go backless its pretty simple
    Torso like a man?
    Don’t go backless
    Squashed but?
    get a bigger size
    bare all or cover all
    Just because its red carpet glamour doesn’t mean just put on any shiny dress, these women need to consider their personal assets and body type you don’t have to be a model to look amazing if you dress with the left side of your brain and also its important to reflect personal style to make the clothes your own rather to avoid looking like a mail order catalogue.

  16. There is a reason LA Fitness always have specials for enrollment and then there are just good old fashioned push-ups you can do right in the comfort of your own home

  17. All you who say they are fat just shut up! not every1 can be a skinny supermodel that the world xpects us to be! seriously ppl! do you guys want to make fat ppl self consius with your retared views on these girls and turn them into anorexics?!?

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