Fifteen-Million Dollar Lawsuit Filed Against Lil Kim


fifteen-million-dollar-lawsuit-filed-against-lil-kim2Lil Kim is facing a 15-million dollar lawsuit by her former business associate — Andrew Ro. Ro is suing the rapper for allegedly interfering with numerous endorsement deals. Apparently, last year Lil Kim — born Kimberly Jones — signed a deal with Ro’s company — International Rock Star Corp — with the intention of developing a number of new products. According to documents obtained by, Ro claims working with Kim was difficult because Kim allegedly would not show up at meetings unless she was being paid extra. Once a product was in development, Kim supposedly would not promote it.


Lil Kim eventually severed ties with Ro and filed a one-million dollar lawsuit against him. Kim’s lawsuit claims Ro and her former lawyer Sunny Barkats cheated her out of various endorsement deals.


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