Flavor Flav Gets New High School Reality TV Show


Flavor Flav

Wow…first he opens the fried chicken spot and now he’s going back to school to get his high school diploma. I can’t get mad at that but seeing Flavor Flav sitting in a desk just seems odd to me. This is the same Flavor Flav we’ve seen act a fool in reality shows such as Strange Love and the Surreal Life.

In “Flavor Flav Goes Back to High School,” the rapper will attempt to attend school in Clinton, Iowa, and sources close to production have learned that they’re attempting to pay students to stick around and film with him after hours, as to not disrupt the teens’ normal schedule during the day.

However, Clinton School System Superintendent Deb Olsen has yet to be fully receptive to the idea, and thinks that his presence will bring “a substantial disruption to the school day” and could have “an adverse effect on students.”

Flav has already met with Olsen and a member of the school board, and is expected to speak in front of all the officials in the upcoming weeks.

He explains:

“I want this show to be able to influence people my age, that if you dropped out of high school when you were young it’s never too late to go back to get your diploma.”


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