Flavor Flav Not Going To Jail Over Back Child Support


Flavor Flav is still a free man after reportedly paying enough back child support to stay out of jail.


According to TMZ, the Public Enemy hype man was in Albany County Family Court on Tuesday where sources say he handed over 25-thousand dollars to Angie Parker, the mother of three of his seven children.


Flav reportedly owed more than 111-thousand dollars in child support, and was looking at a possible 180 days behind bars if he was unable to fork over enough cash to appease the court.

The rapper, whose real name is William Drayton, Jr., issued a statement to TMZ thanking the judge for being understanding.

Flav added that despite what the media may say, he is a good father to all of his children and he has no plans to let his family do without. He says any man who doesn’t take care of his kids is “not a real man,” adding that he’s doing the best he can with what he’s got. Flav is due back in court in September.

These are his grand kids…


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