Flavor Flav Ordered To Stand Trial


Flavor-Flav-mugshotFormer reality TV star Flavor Flav is headed to trial in Sin City on charges of domestic violence. A Las Vegas judge ruled Wednesday that there’s sufficient evidence in the case and ordered the former rapper to stand trial. The 54-year-old whose legal name is William Drayton Jr. is accused of attacking his girlfriend, and threatening her teenage son with a knife last October. The “Review Journal” reports the next court date is set for April 18th.

Flavor Flav recently signed to host the NextMovie red carpet show at this weekend’s 2013 MTV Movie Awards. Flav’s redcarpet interviews will be available on Nextmovie.com.


  1. This old fool look like he does crack and that he is unstable . If the law find him guilty of those charges presented before him please lock him up because everyone need to pay for the crimes they commit.

  2. Why was Nene so mean to Phaedra this evening ?why did she have to bring up the past ? Was she trying to hurt Phaedra because of Kenya ?seriously I think the name of the show should be HOSTILE WIVES —oh my goodness .


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