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Flexing Gone Wrong? 50 Cent Says Hes Been Posting Fake Money On Instagram!

At this point, it is almost impossible to know what is going on with 50 Cent and his money and that is exactly how he wants it too! While the G-Unit general had filed  Chapter 11 bankruptcy, he subsequently was posting various pictures on plies of cash on his Instagram account. 

According to The Hartford Courant50 filed a statement in court on Tuesday (March 8th) claiming the money he has been showing off was fake.

Judge Ann Nevins is ordering 50 Cent to appear back in court today (March 9th) at the U.S. trustee’s office. Where an examiner is supposed to be examining his assets.

50 claims the fake cash posts were to keep up his public persona. However, his assets had been investigated and it showed that he is not a broke man. It seems he is going all out to not pay the money over that sex tape lawsuit from Rick Ross baby mother.

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