Flop: Beyonce Scrapping 1+1 Single?


OUCH. Just a couple days after releasing her second single, 1+1 – and even performing it on the American Idol finale, it appears Beyonce has had an embarrassing change of heart.

Following a barrage of less than positive comments from viewers, the track has been mysteriously scratched and another new single will be released.

An insider tells me: “After road-testing the original track, Bey and her team decided to change tack and plump for a more classic song.”

She’s now releasing Best Thing I Ever Had instead. I’m only Question is where is Matthew Knowles (i.e. Joe Jackson2.0) when you need him?

Truthfully, I liked 1+1.


  1. Lmfao @Joe Jackson 2.0
    Seriously…. People are just tired of Beyonce. The new music does suck a** but people really want Bey to disappear. She’s been in our faces for too long. Go away…pretty please!

  2. dang..people not feeling Bey???..what..damn..
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  3. where are you getting your facts from???!! She didnt scrap 1+1… she’s relaeasing 1 song per week.!!! 1+1 will be on the album



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