Floyd Mayweather Confirms Engagement to Fiance Shantel Jackson on Howard Stern



Looks like the big homie Floyd Mayweather is officially off the market. The Champ sits down with Howard Stern and talks about love, money and being a winner.

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Floyd Mayweather sat down with Howard Stern and put all of the rumors to rest about his love life, his career, and his money.

When asked about his engagement the big homie had this to say about his boo Shantel Jackson,

“Yeah, we still engaged. She’s my better half. Miss Jackson. She’s cool, she’s just my better half. We’re not really focused on marriage right now. I’m going to focus on taking her career to that next level. It’s about me being an asset, helping my better half.”

Alright ladies who were hoping that the rumors were just rumors. The big homie has told the world that he is in love and very much engaged.

Then the big homie started talking about what he is good at making that money and dispelling all of the rumors about his wild gambling ways. The big homie Floyd wants you all to know that he did not bet $6 million on the Miami Heat/Indiana Pacers in Game 7 of the Eastern Conference Finals. He had this to say about the rumored bet,

“I think that’s a little bit over-exaggerating.”

The big homie Floyd had this to say when asked if the thought he was the greatest boxer ever,

“I’ve broken every record in the sport.”

When asked why he doesn’t get hurt and how does he do it he says,

“I’m Picasso…. I’m a defensive wizard.”

Check out the rest of the interview below:

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