Floyd Mayweather Gifts Ms. Shantel With Expensive Ride For Christmas


Floyd ShantelFloyd Mayweather took to Instagram to show off Shantel’s new Christmas gift. Every time he get’s a new toy he makes sure Shantel has one too!  The couple can now ride side by side instyle in their new Ferrari 458 Spyders.  Check out her new whip inside!

Floyd’s fiancé Shantel Jackson has dealt with a lot of rumors and name calling this year. She’s had to deal with rumors about Floyd allegedly still being with his baby mama and people calling her a bad influence on Floyd’s daughters.

shantel jackson gift FloydBut no matter what people say about her though, they can’t deny the chick is winning. Although she may deal with a lot from Floyd, he always makes sure Shantel is a big part of the money team.



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