Former Employees Claim Oprah Winfrey’s Interview With Barbara Walters Was Fake


I never really can understand why people hate or try to bring others down but I guest thats what makes a good story. I don’t know if you had a chance to see Oprah Winfrey dramatic display of emotions, in an interview with Barbara Walters, were Winfrey rebutted rumors – – letting us into her world, and over all I thought was  a very good interview and inspiring.

However; the haters are going to hate and now we have so called investigative journalist and writer, Author Ian Halperin claiming the billionaire media mogul used a special chemical so she could come across all emotional for the Barbara Walters’ interview. Could they not have anything better to do with there time… WOW

“She wanted to make the interview as dramatic as possible so she could promote her new TV station,” said one of Oprah’s former employees.

“Her tears were fake. She put a chemical in her eye to make her cry. She has used that technique before on her show.”

wow… Come on people, could she not just have been touched and moved to tears? People please tell me what yall think?



  1. The world is built on business, so I cannot say that I am surprised too much by hearing this was happening. Oprah is a business woman, and I am sure a lot of what she does is promotion for her business, and I am also sure she has a shit load of skeletons in her closet too. Why do you think she had Stedman sign an agreement after they split and gave him a reportedly 250,000. She has much she is hiding from us.

  2. I think the emotion was real. We have all witnessed Oprah express her emotions throughout the years and I believe them to be real, No need for the fakeness. What is she to gain? More money? Yeah Right! More fame? Sure. Accept Oprah for who she is, a woman with a God given ability/talent that she has capitalized on greatly!

    I wish her more success in any of her future endeavors.

  3. BrowneyEdGirl you said Oprah was given the ability and talent by God, that may be true but let’s not forget the devil anoints with talent too. Look at the influence and power of Hitler, he was able to influence millions to commit mass murder. Not all fame and power comes from God. Historically blacks raised in the South are deeply religious Christians.However, as Ms. O’s fame grew so did hr promotion of Pagan theology and books like the Laws of Attraction-The Secret (and not the Gospel). t. There was no room on her Throne for two gods. She did more to spread new age books like The Secret and tried to promote self-confessed Spiritual Yoruba Priestess Iyanla Vanzant till she messed up the opportunity Oprah tried to give her to spread her mix match of all deities of HIndu mixed with a bit of Christianity.


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