Fox Announces Early Renewals of Three Shows Including ‘Empire!’



The FOX Television Network has officially announced that it will renew “Brooklyn Nine-Nine” for a third season and “Gotham” for its second. However, the biggest surprise was the fact that “Empire” has already gotten the green light for its second season!

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FOX Television has decided to take a chance on one of its newest shows and has renewed the music industry drama “Empire” for a second season after airing only TWO episodes! Apparently, the folks over at FOX see that “Empire” may be a huge winner for them since the show has received a large amount of viewers and support. According to Entertainment Weekly, it was “far less expected…that Fox has renewed [the] hip-hop drama” although the show’s ratings were considered quite “stunning.”

Apparently, episode 2 of the series garnered more viewers than its premiere episode! Entertainment Weekly reports that the show’s “first week was surprisingly strong and new shows almost always drop for their second episodes — especially if the premiere was higher than expected.”

Two of FOX’s latest shows–Brooklyn Nine-Nine and Gotham–have also gotten renewals. The action comedy “Brooklyn Nine-Nine” set in the fictitious 99th precinct of New York has been on the air since September 2013 and stars Terry Crews, Andy Samberg, and Andre Braugher. “Gotham” is a DC Comics-based action crime drama starring the multi-talented actress Jada Pinkett-Smith along with Ben McKenzie and Victoria Cartagena.

Congratulations are certainly in order for all three shows and we hope that all will have a long run on the FOX network!


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