Fox News Criticizes Chris Brown

It should come as no surprise that Chris Brown is in the media again due to more negativity. This time Fox News’ Laura Ingraham is the one with the issue. This past week Chris performed on the Today show’s summer concert series and Mrs. Ingraham had a real problem with that. Fox News went out to the grounds where loyal fans lay waiting on the concrete sidewalks the day before the concert so they could catch Chris Brown’s performance. A reporter asked several fans about their opinion in regards to the now famous altercation that went down between Chris and Rihanna. The video made fans look to be naive and even stupid. At one point in the video she even said, “Sane Americans were disgusted by his violent behavior but that did not stop him from getting top billing this morning on the Today show”. So if you like Chris Brown, you’re insane by Laura Ingraham’s standards.  Watch the video here:

Ingraham takes a few jabs at EVERYONE and I can easily see how this video could become controversial. At one point she even goes in on news anchors over at NBC saying, “There’s people at NBC. They’re good parents, they’re good people. I mean I’m sure they wouldn’t want their kids to go around using this language or behaving this way”. Shots fired!   Overall, there were a ton of generalizations pitched through the whole video. I guess she did what she had to do to promote her new book Of Thee I Zing. Two other chicks are featured on the video cosigning with Laura Ingraham using phrases to describe celebs and fans such as “church of me” and “the illusion of intimacy”. Of course, Chris took refuge in his Twitter account as usual and tweeted:

It seems as if Chris Brown is never going to live the Rihanna situation down with Fox News on his back. I’m glad to see he finding positivity in other areas of his life though. Despite everything they said, his fans prove to be loyal with the record breaking crowd that came to see him on the Today show. How do you feel about the comments that were made by Laura Ingraham and the other ladies? Agree or disagree?

6 responses to “Fox News Criticizes Chris Brown”

  1. shanta says:

    It was wrong for what he did three years ago but people do move on. Life goes on, If Rihanna got over it then everyone else should. People make crazy decisions, i’m not going to call it a mistake because it was not a mistake, its something that he did over anger and a choice that he made. But people make wrong decisions that they have to deal with for the rest of there life, No one is perfect, but what Chris have to realize, is that everyone is not going to forgive and forget, so when people throw shade, you can’t blame them, or get mad because of the choices you made. God is the only one who forgive and you got to face at the end of the day. Just keep doing you and keep making music and when people bring something up that you may not like, walk away, or just take it in cause thats the choice you made.

  2. LAUREN says:

    Ya know it was wrong for what Chris did like 3-4 years ago, but life has to go on..It seems like Rihanna has, if she didn’t well we don’t know that because she doesn’t show that sad affection side she had with Chris. We all know Chris is still dealing with issues and problems from the situation but as you can see we are all human. The thing about this situation is that the media is all over his case, bet if he was white they’ll probably give him some space. Every time a black person makes an mistake, it has to be world war 3, but let that be a white person and the media probably won’t care as much. It’s just sad to see Chris not live his life, we like him for his music, honestly his fans don’t care about what happened between him and Rihanna because we liked Chris from the get-go because of his music, and we’ll continue to like him for his music.

  3. michael says:

    Charlie Sheen had a successful television show after putting a knife to his wife’s neck and nobody says anything, but Chris is successful and a little darker and folks throw shade? Typical American news anchors.

  4. jmassie says:

    That Lady Just Need Something To Talk About She Need Leave Chris Brown Alone And Worry Aboit Her . I am Starting To Belive It,s A Race Card Being Called And You Hate Black People On Top Like He Is He Got His Punishment From The Law Now Move Around And Talk About Somebody Else

  5. TT says:

    This just proves how white people feel about black people making mistakes in life, you are no longer worthy of forgiveness, fame or fortune. Let this be a wake up call for all of them to WAKE THE FUCK UP AND TAKE NOTE!

    I wish black people would go shut shit down like how gay people do when one thing negative is said about them but then again I never see Chris use dark skin females in his videos as a leading lady or speak about brown chicks in his songs so I think I will shut up.

  6. BajanDarkie says:

    I am Barbadian and of course we were upset and mortified over the Chris Brown and Rihanna incident. But he has paid his dues, they have both moved on…So GET OVER IT!! They seem to have done it, We it Barbados are sooooooooo over it. Let it Go People. Go Chris! Go Rihanna! By the way why do you guys in the US watch Fox News anyway? Don’t you have a black President?

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