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Frank Ocean Denied Name Change

frank-ocean-denied-name-changeFrank Ocean has hit a road block in his effort to legally change his name from his birth name, Christopher Breaux. Sources report that a Los Angeles judge has blocked Ocean’s name change request because of some recent dents in his driving record. Over the summer the Odd Future singer racked up three tickets, the most recent being a speeding ticket in August. He’s even had his license suspended because he reportedly failed to respond to the citations. Ocean will be able to move forward with his name change once he takes care of the traffic violations.


Earlier this year we learned Ocean is hard at work on his next album, we saw photos of Frank chillin’ with Madonna at the MET Ball and last month we got to hear 3 new Ocean songs performed live on tour in Europe. Today we learn the sad news that, for some as-yet unknown reason, Frank decided to delete both his official Instagram profile and his official Twitter profile. So if you are looking for him keep trying!!!

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