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Frank Ocean Releases New Music….Finally!


Frank Ocean is BACK and has new music for his fans! The R&B singer released lyrics and audio for his new single, “Memrise,” on his Tumblr.

Check out the details below!

For those of you who’ve been anxiously awaiting new sounds from R&B crooner Frank Ocean, the wait is over! Ocean posted the lyrics and audio to a new song from his forthcoming follow-up to his critically acclaimed 2012 debut album “Channel Orange” on his tumblr social media account. The song is titled “Memrise” and unfortunately, is only over a minute long, which is just enough time for you to get the reflective vibe of the song and then to want more from it.

Check out the lyrics:

I memorized the wayward expressions
Never look down
Never let you see me down
I memorized the way no directions
Can I come over now
I’d like to stay a little while
I memorized your body exposed
I could fuck you all night long
From a memory alone

I never forget a face
Don’t go plastic on me
Nothing’s set in stone
You’re not dipped in gold
Dipped in gold
You can’t breathe if you’re dipped in gold
You are not on paper
You are not a copy
You’re so, you’re thick, so thick

There’s a possibility that “Memrise” will only serve as an interlude and may not even be a single due to its short length. However, Ocean could just be teasing all of us and there could be a longer, more in depth version released later. No official word on anything else related to Ocean’s highly anticipated sophomore album has been released. We’ll take this little snippet and hope for more of the unique and creative sounds to continue to emerge from Ocean!

Check out “Memrise” and share your thoughts about the song below:

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