Frank Ski Kid’s Foundation President Tanya A. Parker Brithday Event At Suite Lounge [Photos]


Happy 50th Brithday to Frank Ski Kids Foundation President Tanya A. Parker. She celebrated the special day at Suite Lounge in Atlanta, Ga.

The Frank Ski Kids Foundation embraces youth and their value by showing examples and providing hands-on opportunities to promote optimal growth, self-expression, ingenuity, achievement and learning vital to their ambitions. Through the efforts of the foundation and the help of charitable contributors, observable differences in communities have been made. Our efforts to date have helped many children, but the needs of our children remain immense. We must continue with unfaltering determination.

Tanya Rodriquez is a woman full of passion. For her foundation, the Frank Ski Kids Foundation, for the arts and entertainment world, for altruistic causes and most of all, for her family. Tanya defines work/life balance knowing that while her philanthropic efforts are an integral part of her life, her family is first and center.

Together with Frank, Tanya established the Frank Ski Kids Foundation, to expose children to their future and expand opportunities for educational, athletic and cultural learning. The foundation has provided extraordinary experiences for children.

Because Tanya has a great interest in the arts, she plans to bring a more arts-related focus to her foundation work, including painting and sculpting contests and educational trips to locations like Rome and Florence. As Tanya notes, this is especially important to students since so many arts programs have been eliminated from school systems. Her goal is to help youth develop a well-rounded footing to help them compete globally.

Tanya also hosts The Local Legends Luncheon, which recognizes the achievements of outstanding high school students. Tanya says she thought of the idea after doing some volunteer work with the Carrie Steele-Pitts Home, a home for abused and neglected children, when she encountered a group of young women who had no direction or knowledge of basic life skills. She decided to find a way to lift up these young women and help provide a foundation for their success. Students recognized at the luncheon are presented with scholarship funds and have the opportunity to meet with celebrities and professional women who provided valuable advice and encouragement.

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