Frankie & Neff Shoots For New Sunglass Line


The homies Frankie  and Neffie been working hard as  they get ready to take part in the next adventure in their lives. Neff who is out  promoting her new book ” My Happiness Is My Sanity  ” which talks about her life and all the trial and tribulations. Frankie has been speaking to families and telling her story about how she has stayed clean for almost three years.. She told me

” People see me out having fun and loving life and think that I am back  on that stuff, but thats not the case  at all and I never plan on going back – – I love my family and  love my life and dont need any of that stuff. Things are hard some times but I know too stay strong and focus on God and everything will work out. I am not on any Drugs people please stop saying that and man up.”

Here are some behind the scene shots of them  for Stevieboi’s Barbie and Ken Line, shot by Michael Antonie, makeup and hair by Dariel Pulliam.. Tell me what yall think? …

10 responses to “Frankie & Neff Shoots For New Sunglass Line”

  1. Kennedi says:

    I mean really….are they serious???

  2. LAYLA says:

    My god!!! I am at a lost for words.

  3. Charnae says:

    Neffe one pic is too cute…but i hope this sunglass thing is come on now…smh

  4. HollaBack says:

    They look like some damn fools.

  5. Jocasta says:

    Seriously though. Who and the Hell does the Product Manager that Approved Frankie and Neffe as Models for the Sunglass Line think that they are going to attract with these two women but other low down dirty shames.

  6. tee says:

    i wish neffe hair stylist would do a better job than what he’s doing like foreal

  7. tee says:

    titty all sagging damn neff

  8. Tammy Prives says:

    come on give them a break – live and let people live – they aint hurtin’ nobody!

  9. Sherri says:

    A pure fucking mess & everybody needs they hair done. Dariel should have took off the shades and picked up a flat iron…What ever happened to season 2? See I told ya..the public has spoken..we are over frankie &neffee send them back to Oakland…a fucking mess! ““paging Keyisha (STAT)..get ya let this bullshit out of the bag!

  10. shea says:

    they look a mess i see why keyshia stop fuckin with them they are to ghetto and dont nobody want to have to deal with that shit all time and then not only are they broke they bring a nigga in the house all laid up and aint doing shit but fuckin good and poppin out babys

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