Frankie Say Keyshia Cole Gibson Is Married?


I have to say I love me some Frankie, she came on the Ryan Cameron Show which she co-host every Thursday on V-103 to talk about her life, and everything she has going on. While on the show, she confirmed Keyshia Cole Is Indeed MARRIED!!  Yes you heard it first on my homie Keyshia is married, not engaged as reported…but Frankie wasn’t invited. Hummm…

Frankie is currently working on her new perfume line, clothing Line and book deal, so, you can bet that everyone will soon know the trials and struggles of Frankies’ life. Shot out to Ryan Cameron for having all the exclusives!

P.S. Frankie told everyone they can find out everything on her web site LOL…. Listen to the interview hear…

26 responses to “Frankie Say Keyshia Cole Gibson Is Married?”

  1. l says:

    Ummp, That’s gotta hurt not to be invited to your daughter’s wedding. Keyshia, Congrats but that was kinda mean. I guess Frankie’s side wasn’t invited to the wedding,huh? Hopefully, this misunderstanding will be resolved by the family really soon because she has a child on the way.

  2. AMary says:

    Ok so Frankie is working on a book etc…yeah ok! The Kardashians get a reality show which land them a new book, clothing line with BeBe, fragrance line, jewlry line and everytime they twitter, one is paid $10,000…please do the math! Where as Tiny and Toya & Frankie and Neffie get a reality show and get a possible book from Toya, a photo shoot from them all, being disrespected by people from their own culture etc…please do the math! Not to say the Kardadians are better because the show is as dysfunctional as Frankie and Neffie & Tiny and Toya but you do the math!

    Something to think about! Ummmm! And their not spending one dime from their own bank account to start these business ventures either! Sometimes we as African Americans have to think smarter! 🙂 I think African Americans work backwards when it comes to being business people. It would be an accomplishment if a person could not only impress the people in their own culture but impressed people in several cultures! Truth be told we don’t only represent ourselves, but we represent everyone that looks just like us! Its more to life then designer handbags and big watches! Strip Toya of all her LV bags and what do you have. Toya lacks self esteem and self identity. She have said that she wants her own identity from Lil Wayne but she still has his last name and always talking about Wayne this Wayne that! She loves the attention wheather its negative or positive because she never got any as a child, she need something to define her. Whether it be Tiny, Kandi etc…so she had a drug addict mother, ok so what. In urban community you see that or worse, where is those people reality show. If your going to present a reality show on life ills please show growth…I haven’t seen a reality show yet that really provide substance but Monica’s! Young girls being impressed with their nails, clothes, handbags etc..guys please open your eyes. I’m tired of people like Toya and the rest of the dysfunctional people making it hard for your every day people. Having to defend yourself and your culture day to day. I dress in suits every day, I’m not focused on an handbag or tattoo but when my Executive see me, he see a Toya! I’m tired BET, I’m tired! Our kids are the future!!! You show me a young lady that’s not tattooed up, can speak well, not posting a gun on twitter that she’s so proud of, have values and morales, work hard to establish her own foundation and know how to be an example for others, then I will be impressed! But trust from experience, the topic of Toya will not last! The media asked Toya what do you love about Tiny, what was the real connection with you guys? And she answered, “Oh she love to shop like me” WHAT! Your telling me that’s all you have in common with Tiny, please! No disrespect but I haven’t seen one classy Southerner yet!
    Please advise Toya she’ll never know what lies in front of her if she’s always looking back! Understand where you been, so you can be ready for where you’re going! When you stay grounded, & stay humble, you’re stay blessed! I know she’s young but she needs to humble herself a little more. Bet bragging about they had 1.9 million people watching the Tiny & Toya show, well the Kardashians has more people following them on twitter everyday! Do the math people, open your eyes! Stop being so conditioned to hold on to your ghetto ways. Have your own self identity and stop following behind people because their hot for a moment! BET do anything for money and its a shame that their audience is more interested in the negative than the positive in this crazy world. Black history month is coming up, who is BET proud of Lil Wayne, TI, or Gucci Mane? Come on! BET Don’t win 1.9 viewers, win a nation! Oh and before people think this message is “hating” (don’t know what that word implies but everyone says it) on the Tiny & Toya or Frankie & Neffie show please know I have my own business, live in a 500,000 house etc..and didn’t have a baby by a rapper to get it. I love them all but we must do better within our culture.

  3. baybaybay says:

    DAMN! niggas really just postin WHOLE essays n shit? LOL. i aint got time to read all that shit! anyhoo..congrats to keyshia. but i really wanna kno why my auntie Frankie wasent invited

  4. Ty says:

    damn AMARY get it all off u chest, i know u dont expect nobody to read all that shyt… lol

  5. Taurice says:

    Hey I agree with everything AMAry is saying we need to be smart and invest in a future instead of keeping up with the Jones!!!

  6. Jenifer says:

    Frankie is a hot mess that’s why she wasn’t invited. Every place she goes there’s drama, and you never know what’s going on with their relationship. Last I read Keyshia didn’t but Neffie’s kids any gifts, so they might be beefin’.

  7. Robin says:

    Amen, Amary!!!

  8. Me says:

    Good points, I think I will definitely subscribe! I’ll go and read some more! What do you see the future of this being?


  10. Tisha says:

    PREACH AMARY!!!!!!! I am so in agreement with you, on so many levels. And the sad thing is that there are people that actually idiolize Toya!! for what???? What has she done???? Other than procreate with a man with money.

  11. Frost says:

    Who the hell would support her? And why is she still news?

    It’s a sad state when promiscuos crackheads get loving attention!

  12. Star says:

    I have to agree with Amary 1000%. Frankie and Neffie are dumb as f**k. They will never be able to function around the affluent whether it be black or white. Also, when Frankie went on the Judge Mathis show with that dumbness and thought it was cute he checked her ass right away with a look of disgust on his face. She must think that dumb sh*t is cool with black “INTELLECTUALS” but it’s not!!! Frankie so cut the BS and get some education and read a book, no eat a dictionary and maybe that would have an effect on your vocabulary!!!! Frankie and Neffie are too stupid to do anything worthwhile in society. They need to get an education and stop riding off of Keisha’s coattail. Don’t wonder why Frankie wasn’t invited to the wedding, who the f**k would want a loud obnoxious ghetto bitch at their wedding to take the shine away from them and create chaos at their special day. Also, if Keisha wanted to say she’s getting married who the f**k is Frankie to divulge her business. That was another attempt at FRANKIE manipulating the situation to her advantage and i guess they paid her in $500 in crack for that “secret” Both of them, Frankie and Neffie, are stupid for letting BET exploit them. That show was nothing but a black version of Jerry Springer. I only watched them to see the next dumb sh*t that would come out of their mouths. If they were so rich, wtf Neffie “brought” a house and had her kids were eating on the floor? All that was in the fridge was a bunch of take out containers. If she was doing it up, why not work BET for all and have them provide a chef? furniture? etc. Mind you, I don’t even think they own a car!! Common since would tell her dumbazz not to let anyone see how good and hood they actually were. As far as Neffie, her dumazz always crying over the stupidest things when the hell is BET going to tell her dumbazz to get some psychological help and stop on the way to be sterilized!!! Don’t wonder y the show was cancelled!!! As far as Frankie being on the air in Atlanta, if you ever notice when they ask her a question, they chuckle cause they know her stupid ass is too dumb to answer the question intelligently. Now, if she ever makes it to the Tom Joyner show then we can consider her successful (even if she’s allowed a guest appearance)!!!! As far as Tiny and Toya, yes Toya is riding off of Little Wayne’s coattails also. I only think BET had them do a show because they figured Little Wayne and TI would make appearances once in awhile. But not, that’s why its not on any more. I’m sure Little Wayne made that B*tch sign a waiver where she could not mention his name on the show because all she ever said was I was in love with someone that is Big in the music industry. What if the average WHITE viewer, because that’s whose watching and getting the impression that’s how black people act, didn’t know Little Wayne?

    O, Frankie if you don’t know they exploited you again, YOUR WEBSITE “THESENUTS.COM” IS NOT A WEBSITE, IT’S A BLANK PAGE WITH F**KING ERRORS ON IT, JUST LIKE YOUR LIFE!!!!! LOL

    Now since you black b**tches think you are doing something for the black community, why not have Judge Mathis, Oprah Judge Toler maybe Tara, take your dumbazz by your weave and mentor you about getting ahead in this businessf!!! or maybe they are too intelligent, so we’ll stoop down to the rap game, who about Jay-Z, Beyonce, Keisha, or even Rihanna mentor you stupid bitches on how to act when out in public!!! or since you are in Atlanta let Nene, show you how to be good in the hood but classy with it!!!

  13. Sodiq says:

    I am a Nigerian but really love foreign musician…I wish her a happy married life…

  14. denise says:

    In my opinion without Keisha, Frankie and the entire family would be just another residence where ever they from. God blessed Keisha with her voice and her mother is hanging on the bottom of her dress, skirt, and pants leg for a dollar. Frankie is still mentally an addict and it shows!!

  15. mizzbutay4real says:

    Everybody has an Ass-Hole,,,I mean an Opinion,,most of the comments I’ve read are strictly based on what they’ve seen on television. I’ve actually spent months with Frankie and lived in the same Bldg. she lived in, (Park-Towers)in the ATL,a very Plush Condo if I may add. She is who she is,,,Frankie is a very outgoing, Truthful, and fun to be around, that’s if you are not “BOOGHIE” . I’d rather be around someone like Frankie than a bunch of BOOGHIE Fake People that fake it like they’ve made it !! Frankie may act Hood or Ghetto to you, but she is Real, at least she has TV time and you’re watching. I can say I’ve met Neffe, and Elite they were pleasant to be around, so I think before you start calling names,,,such as: Dumb-Azz, B*t***s, Ghetto, Hood etc… and you haven’t spent time with them, you don’t know really know what you’re talking about…Shout Out to Frankie!!! You know who this is Frankie…..Ms.H-Town ” HOLLA”

  16. Star says:

    Well, she may be down to earth off-screen but she is not that way when she’s onscreen. I’m sure everyone acts stupid in there personal life but no one can see that. Like you said, it’s a show. How do you explain her acting like an ass on Judge Mathis. She wasn’t paid to act stupid there. Also, if sh’es nice and not good and ghetto, why have she never been invited to any “Elite” affairs. Also, her acting a fool at the church when the baby was baptized, was she keeping it real there? She may be down to earth but based on the way she talks she can not have a decent conversation with an intelligent person. In this world you will have to speak to other racist and people with power who are not ghetto. And since you want to come to her defense, booghie is not a word unless its used where you and Frankie LIve. Its BEAUGOIS (comes from the French) and i guess you won’t be able to hang out with the “elite” either. I’m sure not even a good and ghetto rapper would want to be around her. I’m loud myself, but there’s a time and place for everything!!! No matter how cool they may be but they are uneducated and still will not be able to mingle with an educated society. They are still hood, why would you purchase a house and live there for a few weeks and your children are eating on the floor. When they open your refrigerator they see nothing but take out boxes. And worse of all, when Neffie made the comment regarding the chandelier hanging so low that there must have been Chinese people living there they life coach had to explain why the chandelier was low. JUST LIKE I SAID, THEY ARE GOOD AND HOOD!!!! Since you so close to them, tell Neffie to seek psychological help for her “emotional’ state, they do have medication that will help her control that!!!!

  17. Star says:

    I’m sure Nene, (Atlanta Housewives) would split someone’s wig but do you see her acting “Ghetto”? I’m sure off camera Nene would put on some jeans and act just as stupid as Frankie and Neffie but she has class with it . Sometimes on the show that “Ghetto” side of Nene rears its ugly head but then she catches herself. Nene also keeps it real but she doesn’t go about it the loud and obnoxious way Frankie does!!! . LIKE I SAID THERE IS A TIME AND PLACE FOR EVERYTHING!!! So what its a show, why the hell their ghetto azzes didnt continue the entire season? nor another season? I think them dumbazzes must’ve filmed, rather showed, 6 shows but i’m sure they threw the rest of the taped shows in the GARBAGE!!! Neither will any of them be nominated for an emmy or oscar, whatever the hell it is. Matter of fact, Andy Cohen, makes fun of everyone and he never even mentioned their dumazzes, maybe as the JACKHOLE of the week. Matter of fact, next time its own I’ll nominate them dumazzes for the JACKHOLE of the week. Andy if you are reading this “Call Me Boo” nah jk, Nominate them for the JACKHOLE of the week!!!


    Yall bitches ant shyt why yall talkn bot neffe and frankie look wea dey came 4rm da hood same place as keyshia just because dey ant all stuck up like others yall hatin FUCK YALL keyshia moved entirely 2 fast wit dat basketball player dude who cant play worth a fuck…..n stop hatin on toya n da rest of them people get a life bitches mayb u might become important yall FUCK ASS BITCHES STOP HATING!!!!!!!!! FUCK ALL U HATERS WHO DONT LIKE WAT I GOT 2 SAY!! RESPECT ME OR TEST ME!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  19. 850 says:

    what is your problem take it eazy

  20. delushusd says:

    Wow Martina i see why you are defending the likes of Frankie and Tiny and Toya you guys must talk everyday sure sounds like it

  21. koko says:

    I feel so bad for all you judgemental people. Black folks are so mean and hateful towards there own kind. If you think that these people have such a problem on how they live there life ,why don’t you pray for them instead of passing judgement? You all claim to have so much education,class and success; I can’t tell because these types of comments are not classy at all. It sounds like you are so unhappy in your own life, so in order to feel better you have to put others down. May GOD BLESS AND KEEP YOU.

    If you dislike them so much, why do you keep watching there shows? GET A LIFE!!

  22. southerngirl says:

    aMary, I agree with most of what you say, however, I must tell you that I am a black woman from the south, Louisiana to be exact, well educated, well traveled, married in my early 30’s no children, great job, my own business on the side, and planning start a catering business in the next few years. open your mind, everyone from the south is not Toya. In her defense, I went to college about 30 minutes north of New Orleans and she may not sound proper but she does speak in the dialect of the area she is from. It took me a while to understand it because I am from North Louisiana. Like I said you make some good points, but don’t let your way of thinking create stereotypes that we work so hard to remove from our culture. Just stop watching BET and find something else to do with your time, if we stop watching all the useless crap on TV eventually it will go away. You have a choice,

  23. Mz breezy says:

    Please dont hate on keyshia cause u dont have wat she have dont mean u have to & all does comments yall leavin behind leave them there cause ur lifes been fuq over dont mean hers do to & frankie & neffe do act ghetto soooo dont cum on keyshia & daniel like dat cause yall hatin & dey do make a good cuple daniel gibson is not a weak as player he play jus like everybody else last but not less at less he mad it to da NBA & yall didnt na hate on dat peace

  24. ICLOVA says:

    you never know what’s going to exit frankie’s mouth. it’s ashamed that we can see that she’s on the pipe, but the producers of radio and tv can’t see it. i think they’re purposely exposing her. She needs to find somewhere and “Sat Her Ass Down”

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