Bambi’s New Video: Special Guests Lil Scrappy & Kirk Frost


DSC_0337Lil Scrappy and Kirk Frost STARS in Bambi’s New Music Video – Whew! For a minute we thought Bambi was about to catch a Shay Johnson beat down. Joking Bambi! We know you from Compton! Scrappy what kind of smoke is that?

C’mon son!

Check out pics from the set.


Bambi and Lil Scrappy (Fresh out of Rehab) making movies!

DSC_0367Don’t Give Her Your Phone # Kirk! The party is over remember?

DSC_0386No Freddy you are not as pretty as Bambi neither! Your make up looks great honey! Represent for that Westside cause it’s the best side.

DSC_0406SO is that Kirk’s bodyguard or Erica’s bodyguard?

DSC_0234Kirk! I think you dropped your pass on the floor. its under your left foot bruh.

DSC_0239I bet yall wanna know when this video will be released now right?

DSC_0245Now who’s this lil cutie pie? Yall gotta watch the video!


Lil Scrappy gets advice from Kirk Frost on being …nevermind…DSC_0250

Kirk Frost “The New” Kirk Frost is back and chillin with the fellas! Great job Kirk! Did you shoot this video the same day of the Fashion show?

Hey dis Bambi! You Look Gorgeous!


Lil Scrappy up close and personal #Life



DSC_0264I imagine this dialogue is going like this Scrappy: For real dawg? You didn’t Hit? Wowww! You had everybody fooled!


What liquid spirits is Bambi forcing down that girl’s throat?


Looks like it could be Moonshine..


Well whatever it is it’s all gone!


Ok Maybe Bambi has decided to give men a break!


Nice skirt Bambi!DSC_0313Did you wet your hair? Nice weave too 
DSC_0334Looks like it may be a wrap! Time for Kirk to head to the Fashion Show
DSC_0349Scrappy: Seriously dude..tell the truth? Did you Hiznit or what?
DSC_0359 DSC_0364 DSC_0369 DSC_0370 DSC_0373 DSC_0375 DSC_0378 DSC_0380 DSC_0384 DSC_0388 DSC_0390 DSC_0393 DSC_0396
DSC_0406 DSC_0408 DSC_0410 DSC_0413 DSC_0415 DSC_0430 DSC_0435
DSC_0444 DSC_0451 DSC_0456 DSC_0460
DSC_0468 DSC_0472 DSC_0481DSC_0489 DSC_0492
DSC_0499 DSC_0502 DSC_0511 DSC_0515 DSC_0516


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