FreddyO Exclusive: Ashley Jewell Making Significant Improvements



The ATL reported exciting news today. Ashley Jewell’s family announced that she has began speaking again. Remember a few weeks ago Ashley fell victim to a road rage maniac that released fire into the car she was attending. The daughter of the late A.J. Jewell, continues to fight for her life at Grady Memorial Hospital. Now we can report that Ashely is still in a critical state but is progressing towards a positive recovery.

In an email to the Atlanta Journal Constitution, Ebony Phillips, Asheley’s cousin, wrote:

“Today our family is thanking God for a miracle. Asheley began speaking over the weekend and requested a Pepsi. The doctors are amazed. This is more than the doctors expected, but exactly what we knew God could do. Thanks again for all your prayers.”

Prayer works guys lets continue to send our love and condolences to Ashley and her loved ones.

Anyone with information about the March 5 road rage shooting should call Crime Stoppers at (404)-577-8477.


  1. I ,as well as everyone I know prayed for this child.. GOD is alive ,and so amazing!!!


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