FreddyO Update: Dj Megatron Murderer’s Found!



Authorities and Megatron’s family believe the murderers were after Megatron’s dough and a watch he got as a gift from his little girl

Authorities revealed:

The sad revelation came after police announced the arrest of William Williams, 21, and Richard Cromwell, 20, for the murder of the 32-year-old, whose real name was Corey McGriff.

The two men approached McGriff on Osgood Ave. about 2 a.m. March 27 and one of the men fired a single shot in the DJ’s body, killing him, police said.

The heartless pair swiped a wad of cash from McGriff’s pocket and the watch off his wrist, police and family said.

“It was an inexpensive watch that his daughter gave him,” his mother, Louvenia McGriff, 60, told the Daily News from her Georgia home.

“He loved it because she gave it to him,” she said.

The grieving mother said detectives told the family the watch was recovered shortly before the two men were arrested.

“They threw it away probably because they realized it wasn’t valuable,” she said.

Her and her husband, Leo McGriff, said it’s painful to know their son was killed for so little.

“It’s a hard thing to swallow,” the father said. “We’ll be doing a lot of crying.”

He said the recent arrest comes as little consolation in the death of their son, a former radio personality on Hot 97 and regular on BET’s “106 & Park.”

“That’s good that they caught them,” he said. “They’re locked up for now. Life in prison would be good for them.”

Williams – who has prior arrests that include robbery and rape – and Cromwell – who’s rap sheet includes arrests for reckless endangerment and grand larceny – were both charged with murder, robbery and criminal possession of a weapon.

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  1. broke my heart when i read this story..very sad..his poor daughter going through life with the knowledge tht the watch she gave her dad was the reason for his senseless death..


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