FreddyO’s Holiday Party Recap


freddyo holiday party (227) held their first holiday party at Studioplex in Atlanta. Many of readers came out to show their support and well wishes. They even purchased a couple of last minute gifts from the vendors. Lisa Wu and Ed Hartwell came out to sell Lisa’s new book. She mingled with the guests displaying her ever so transparent attitude. You can see the pics after the jump I heart her and the Red Bottoms! Ms. Frankie came through to dance with us. Ms. Frankie did not touch one drink so before anybody tells that lie, kiss the baby! Black Pearl band showed us how to Wobble with a night filled with live music and a crunk dj! I had a blast I must say! Special shout out to Neffee, Yung Joc, and the Swag Team who all came thru later that night too. If we forgot you please don’t cuss us out! Oh yeah, do not let me forget to give a shout out to Ciroc, Conjure, and Cami Cakes! I guess all great things start with a “C” . Our other sponsors were in the building too, Rici,SYS, The Usual Suspects, Closet Freak,HDM, Skyylyfe, DuGood Group, Preeminent Managment, and last but not least, thank you to all the volunteers who looked grand in their all black. Your support made it happen! Thanks from FreddyO and CourtneyLuv. Click to see the pictures


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