FreddyO’s Run In With The Atlanta Police

Tonight was by far one of the worse nights of my life. I was disrespected by the police in the most catastrophic way. As I was headed to pick up my credit card from a friend i was followed by a police for no apparent reason. I pull into the Midtown Bowl parking lot to and was greeted by flashing light and loud sirens. As the police walked up to my vehicle I asked him there was a reason he was pulling me me over he said:

“Yeah I think you didn’t have a seatbelt on”

Huh, you “think” I didn’t have my seatbelt on? So you mean tell me I get pulled over because you suspect my seatbelt was not on… Hmmmmm.

He immediately approached me with an attitude and asked me if I’d ever been arrested. I answered “No” and he then instructed me to place both of my hands on the steering wheel while he ran my plates. Mind you I’d just bought the car so I had the temporary tag on my registration was with the owner and was on the way to me as I was being pulled over. I told the officer the previous owner was in route to bring him all the necessary paper work.

Check out the video footage below:

He didn’t want to hear that and called a towing company to confiscate my vehicle. While the tow truck arrived, my paper work approached at the same time the officer still proceeded to instruct “BuckHead” towing to take my vehicle. The gentlemen that owned my car previously presented the officer with the paperwork and offered “BuckHead” towing to pay them for the unhook fee even though the car was nowhere being hooked. But the officer didn’t want to hear any of that or be reasonable.

In the process of the the tow I noticed the towing officials drop my car key and stepping on it and then blaming me that they couldn’t move my car because the key would no longer go inside the ignition. The cops did nothing about it and in fact became increasingly rude to me and laughed in my face and ignored me.

This was the most horrible and a complete waste of time, that just goes to show me that the sorry and lame Fulton county police have nothing better else to do with their time but to harass innocent tax paying citizens then go out and fight some REAL crime that happens in the ATL every five minutes. Not to mention the guy looked no older then 20 so he was just a ill prepared rookie taking his job description over the top.

To the city of Atlanta just know I will be taking legal actions and will not rest until justice is served. Oh yeah they forgot I’m a blogger and a photographer so I got footage of everything.

16 responses to “FreddyO’s Run In With The Atlanta Police”

  1. FreddyO I strongly suggest you take this video and turn it over to the media immediately. Especially CBS 46 NEWS they love going after the Allanta Police.

    Here’s a link to their website below to contact them:

  2. I strongly feel you should report this to the media because there’s no telling how many more people this officer has done this to, and if you don’t expose him to the public he will certainly feel that he has the power to just continue doing this.

    You may also report this officer to the INTERNAL AFFAIRS UNIT FOR THE ATLANTA POLICE DEPARTMENT but they may not do as much as the media can, and will do to bring this officer to justice.

    Don’t allow this to happen to someone else FreddyO.

  3. keith says:

    well, it will not be your last time freddyo dealin with the po-po who was punks in school, ain’t gettin no pussy, and go home and beat their meat after what he did to you!

  4. Divaish says:

    Freddy I thought u was a homo!

  5. Luckey Starr says:

    That’s a damn shame….. APD is a JOKE!

  6. Tanya says:

    I would report it also. There are so many innocent people that get tickets and go to jail for stupid police officers, that think they could bully people just because they have a badge on. Make them pay, Freddie.

  7. CPO says:

    You need to file a complaint with Internal Affairs.

  8. Naturalbeauty says:

    Dang Freddy, that’s F**Ked up!!! SOme cops take their jobs to serious and a lot of them are D*CKS!!!

  9. 3stacks says:

    Freddy im always on your page and i might never comment about shit but damn homie thats fucked up. Fuck tha police mayne….u should of told him kiss yo ass and u goin see him in court….follow up on that shit my boy im courious of wtf they got to say!!!

  10. Demetria says:

    Good for you Freddy, Me and my Spouse was harrassed atleast three times a week in COBB!!!! SO I guess its Georgia because we did not have this problem in TN. We were pulled over atleast three times a week supposedly because I car was a drud gealer an Impala really. But I hope you pursue because they use to give us the same excuse.

  11. Heather says:


  12. X,Y,"and Z" says:

    Freddy, you NEED to file a complaint. EVERY complaint, then filed, goes on that cop’s PERMANENT record! And, if by chance he’s a rookie cop, then he-himself has a “probationary period” and then ANY such complaint then filed weighs 2X against him!

    Wait.. wait.. “No proof of registration?” Is that what the cop said? Is that the reason he towed your car? Freddy, most of those ‘Temp Tags’ ARE THEMSELVES “Proof Of Registration” (temporary registration). And that Temporary Registration is only then “invalid” after the date has expired; ONLY THEN, NOT BEFORE!!

    I’m not sure about the State Of Georgia, but if that ‘Temp Tag’ was within the alloted date, you THEN have that “grace period” to then register the vehicle. And until that time, if you have insurance and your license is in “good standing,” then there is no imagined reason for him to tow your vehicle.
    If you’ve met those aforementioned contingencies, then you SHOULD have a good civil case – as there was damage to your vehicle AND the keys to operate said vehicle.

    Also.. be sure you check the car for any personal belongings that might NOW be missing. Freddy, you have a popular blog, you should NOW have Fulton County political connections (you’ve past campaigned for Atl’s mayor, no?). “Connections enough” to call a Sgt/Lt or Supervising Officer should situations as this arise. (At the very least you should have a PBA card, or something of the sort)

    Lastly.. Did he search you? Most of these corrupt officers are THIEVES! If he stole as much as a dollar from you, then FILE A COMPLAINT and be sure you state that HE THREATENED YOU!

    Freddy, I’ve been a fan of your blog for some time. You’re a kool, funny and righteous dude!

    Document and take the steps I’ve outlined and THEN file your complaint against that officer, and THEN file your civil suit. Trust me, once Internal Affairs gets a whiff of him taking money out of YOUR pockets, he’s then in the shit!

    God Bless and keep you, Freddy.

    X,Y,”and Z”

  13. dee says:

    yo freddy you a wack ass dude!

  14. Tusk says:

    So you guys sit here exchanging Police abuse stories what do you guys think will happen once the HB 87 anti immgrant bill starts to be in effect. It will allow the Police to stop and detain you if they “suspect” you are an illegal immigrant which can be anything like you left your DL at home or they can simply say they think your Identification is fake.

    Just be ready that you will get it a lot worse starting next week.

  15. Tusk says:

    Well one lesson to learn from this make sure you have your paperwork together before you go out and drive a car especially when you know they will get you on that. Also communication is key, the cop seemed like a straight laced cop and you hitting him with the nigga lingo probably made him think you were ignorant. This is when the hood will always loose because at the end of the day, you got your car towed, you got a citation, your key is bend and most likely you will pay Fulton County for that seat belt violation.

    if you would have questioned him about why your car is being towed especially when you supposedly have all your documentation he would have not been able to tow it, but responding with ‘Dude”, “That’s Lame”, etc. you think he will respect you more? This what drive me crazy with black folks learn how to switch things up especially when you dealing with someone that has more authority than you that’s the only way you win. The situation is messed up but seeing black folks acting like they have no other training but the “being amongst your homies” makes me mad too

  16. Deb Evans says:

    Wow that is just not nice. If your going to be a Dr, Nurse, Police officer anyone working with the public you should at least like what your doing and not be so rude

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