Free Quween!!



The homie over at recently posted a story about the world famous homeless ladie Quween who was arrested yesterday in LA. If ya’ll dont know by now Quween is the protector of the stars when the quote, “‘eval paparazzi” come after them… She always jumps in and saves the day.. Only this time it went really bad.

This what Dlisted had to say:

LeAnn Rimes was behind Quween’s arrest! You see, the “posarassi” were trying to get pictures of LeAnn, and Quween swept in to protect her. Or maybe Quween was protecting the camera lenses from LeAnn’s hideous ass face (sorry, I’m mad at the bitch right now).

When Quween tried to cover LeAnn with her arms, the cops stepped in and put our pap-fighting hero in handcuffs. One of the paps said that Quween was arrested for solicitation. LeAnn just kept walking to her car. THAT BITCH! LeAnn already wrecked two homes, and now she’s the reason why Quween was ripped out of her own home today. LeAnn is ruthless!



  1. I like the Queen, I was hoping that the little bit if fame she got from being aired on television was enough to put her in a better position financially. I think the cops went to far, how is it considered solicitation when all she did was block the camera? I agree, Leann is a bitch the least she could have done was stood up for her.

  2. Sad, i like her, she always be on TMZ, they went too far now, she didnt beg for change or food, she just doing what she do trying to be a papraazi blocker, cause sometimes these celebs really dont want to be bothered.

  3. why she trying to stop ppl from taking pictures they aint gonna give her ass one damn dime…. she neeeds to mind her damn business thats what she get it shows ppl don’t give a damn about u lady…and take back them shoes u stole from the bowling alley

  4. Would you want strange saliva flying in your face if you didn’t even know who it was? You usually see the doctor when you don’t feel good. Guess LeAnn didn’t want to be bothered if she was ill.


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