Friends Defend Friends: Kandi sticks up for Porsha!

Kandi defends Porsha Stewart
Pic: Rolling Out Magazine

Our girl Kandi Burrus of “Real Housewives of Atlanta” is a REAL friend. She was spotted at LAX by TMZ and she quickly told them that she felt Kordell Stewart‘s claim that Porsha Williams is a stepmomster from hell was a lie!

TMZ broke the story about Kordell Stewart accusing Porsha in divorce docs last week, of partying all night, disappearing for days, and neglecting his son.

According to Kandi:

“Porsha never really did anything unless [Kordell] was comfortable with it. Porsha’s the one who sacrificed — and you gotta see the dig she gets in at Kordell’s expense.

TISK TISK TISK! This is going to be a messy messy divorce. Do you think Porsha was about that party life? Do you think Kordell is lying? Tell us your thoughts!


  1. Kordell is a old fool that think he can control women with his money. Don’t nobody got time for that crap… ITs only a few women that would continue to go for that once they have found fame.


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