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Future Pushes Up the Release for Evol and Announces Deal With Apple

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“Sh!t about to get real in a few hrs,” Future tweeted out today right before he released more information about his new music.

Future has given the Futurehive plenty to cheer about this week after announcing that he will be releasing a new album this week.


The officially got a title today and the Atlanta rapper has decided to title the new project Evol. That’s not the only tidbit of news that was released today; Future also said via twitter that the album will be available for preorder starting at midnight on Feb 4th.

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But wait there’s more, Future also revealed that he has a deal with Apple Music but has not released any details about that as of yet but we can almost be sure that it is something similar to what Drake has set up.

Young Thug wasn’t exactly thrilled about Future’s news as sent out a few subtweets aimed at Future.

“Boy slow down dropping all that BS music,” Young Thug tweeted. “Your family/team wish you was me lil nigga,” said Thug in another tweet.

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Future wasn’t here for Thug’s pessimism at all as he tweeted out “My tweets worth millions now…in real life, followed by, “Yo b@#!h wish u was me…in real life.”

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