Future, You ARE The Father!


Future can officially say, I am the father. He took a DNA test to prove he is the father of his 10 year old son. There has been a lot of controversy about this and even some beef between baby mama and new girlfriend Ciara.


TMZ reports, Future, government name Nayvadius Cash had been sued by Jessica Smith last year claiming he must pay child support for getting her preggo in 2001. In the Georgia documents filed, the DNA test has confirmed with a 99.9% certainty the child is his.


Future and baby mama made a deal and he has legally agreed to be recognized as the father and will pay $1,662 in child support per month. He also had to pay for the $889 DNA test. Judge cleared the agreement and the case was closed earlier this month. In the documents Future listed his monthly income as $16,516.30.



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