Future’s Baby Mama Demands More Child Support



The baby mama drama for Future will never be over it seems. This time, it’s because his baby mama wants more child support from him. Look inside for more details.

Future and Jessica Smith came to an agreement that the rapper would pay $1,662 for their 10-year-old son. This amount was based on the income of Future, which he cited as $16,516.

However, things are getting sticky now because of a recent TV feature where Future said that he carries $25,000 cash on him AT ALL TIMES! Naturally, Smith now wants more money and has went back to court to increase his child support payment.

It doesn’t pay to try and stunt like all these other rappers. I’m just saying. What are your thoughts on this? Should he be paying more child support anyway? Is his baby mama just thirsty?


  1. Of course she should get more money, kids are expensive and besides, if she doesn’t get Ciara/C-Error, will get it, get your money Baby Momma #1 and Baby Momma #2 better ask for more also….I digress

  2. Yea she’s being thirsty…. Kids are expensive i agree but so what how much he’s making be grateful he’s not like these deadbeats out here for real… Be glad that ur getting something.to.help u assist with ur.child


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