Gangsta Boo Says I Didn’t Rob The Dollar General…


These past few years my homie Gangsta Boo haven’t been as good as she  would like and at times it seem like she can’t  get a break but now it seems that her luck has really went down hill… Our Friends over at posted a story about her robbing a dollar General this is what they said:

Gangsta Boo [real name Lola Mitchell], who keeps her timeline full of optimistic messages about breathing life into her career and random nigga shit, went silent earlier this week after she was taken into custody after for her involvement in the July robbery of a Dollar Store. I would have ask Fred’s to give me the loot myself but everybody doesn’t reach for the stars.

After being charged and released on $100,000 bail she retreated to her Twitter account to proclaim her innocence. “I am innocent and all this bullshit they talkin’ about on me is bullshit. What innocent person in their right mind won’t turn themselves in… The MEDIA couldn’t explain what I did because I wasn’t there.”




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