Get My Sandwich Right!! McDonald’s Attacker Caught Hiding In Closet



The homies over at posted the followup story about the crazy lady that went off at a McDonalds. Here is what they said…

Remember the girl we told you about last week who went buckwild and berserk in McDonalds over a burger order gone bad? Well snitches helped police catch her and now she’s been charged for an estimated three stacks worth of property damage. Full details under the lid. Jackson County prosecutors charged a woman with property damage Tuesday for allegedly tearing up a McDonald’s lobby after being served a “messed up” cheeseburger. Kansas City police arrested Alesha McMullen, 19, on the felony charge Sunday at an apartment where she was hiding in a closet, according to court records. She was identified through calls to the TIPS Hotline after police released video surveillance of the Dec. 27 outburst at the restaurant at 3255 Main St. According to police, McMullen ordered the cheeseburger snack wrap, a newer menu item, but received a regular cheeseburger. Employees made another burger for her, but she allegedly refused it and demanded a refund. After employees said no, she allegedly threw a water dispenser and a plastic wet floor sign over the counter before knocking three cash registers off the counter, breaking one. Damage was estimated at $3,000. When questioned by police, McMullen admitted throwing things because the restaurant messed up her order, court records say. Detectives said McMullen said she was having a “bad day.”

In case you missed it the first time. Here’s the video of the incident:


  1. Gat damn, FreddyO!!

    What, black folk can’t demand “good-service?” There’s a recession out here; all she wanted was her money back!! …Don’t invite this broad to y’all cook-out!!

    That store manager/Cashier is STUPID!! ‘Ol-girl did more in damages, than it’d have cost to refund her the the Hamburger! There must have been something wrong with it for HER to bring it back several times, NO?

    X,Y,”and Z” — OUT!


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