GIVEAWAY: Monster iSport Headphones

Today we have a giveaway of headphones that Monster gave me. Here’s what you need to do to win:  list  your top 5 artists, why their the best in your opinion, and why it would benefit you to listen to their music in these headphones. Along with this, please be sure to provide a valid email address in the form below.

Whoever has the best response, will be the recipient of these brand new Monster headphones! These headphones sale for $179.95 so this is a giveaway that you do not want to miss out on! Check inside for more details on the headphones.

Here are some benefits to winning the Monster iSport headphones:

  • Patented Sport clips and Pro Sounds Isolating Eartips provide a secure, customized fit that won’t interfere with eyewear or helmets.
  • OmniTip swivel nozzle pivots for extra adjustment
  • Tough, durable, UV-protected, and sweatproof for your most agressive workout – indoors or out
  • Washable – simply toss your headphones in with your laundry and they’ll still look and sound brand new
  • Advanced in-ear design delivers true monster-quality sounds — adding bass and definition to your favorite music.

Do these characteristics sound like something you would enjoy? Get to typing then! This contest ends at 12 am tomorrow.


21 responses to “GIVEAWAY: Monster iSport Headphones”

  1. 1.) Rihanna – Her music keeps me pumped up and energized in the gym. You really can’t deny her music whether you like her or not.
    2.) Jill Scott – Man she makes GREAT music to study to, clean to and just relax after a long day at work.\
    3.) Anita Baker – My favorite old school artist that will sing you to sleep and make you feel good all day.
    4.) Kanye West – Some of his music is genius and when you’re too creative it can drive you mad.
    5.) Teedra Moses – One of the most underrated greatest R&B/ Soul artist of our generation.

    I should win these because I workout almost everyday and need stable headphones that allow me to listen to music. Music drives my workouts and I can’t workout with it. Plus, they’re my favorite color. #TeamBlue

  2. Shameka Powers says:

    King Bey!!!!!!- Beyonce totally motivates me on a daily basis. Her music empowers women from all walks of life and I get my day started to her music daily!

    Syleena Moore- I love her music! She is soooo underrated. Her music speaks in volumes about real love; pain, forgiveness, etc.

    Sade- Puts me in a zone

    T.I.- Represents the south to the fullest!

    Monica- I been a fan since she came out!

    I need to listen to my fave artists on these headphones because as a teacher, I spend a lot of time in my own zone and the headphones will allow me to work in my work station without distracting others!
    I also need these headphones to block the haters out (My man hates waking up to “Who run the world”) lol!

    Also, the headphones will come in handy when I am exercising.

  3. KimbywayofJA says:

    1. Micheal Jackson
    His music has sold millions and touched billions and there is no denying the feeling when one of his records is on
    2. Rihanna
    Bursting onto the music scene she has been a force every since then and an entertainer she has done music her way and I always support my island massive
    3. Beyonce
    Regardless of whatever controversy surrounds her private life or her videos she is still one of the biggest artists since she came out in 1997 with Destinys Child then going solo she has created youtube dance crazes and new lingo among some of the greatest music
    4. Lil Wayne
    He started out as a early teen back in 1997 and in the past few years he has undeniably taken over the rap world by scoring some of the highest first week sales his songs are catchy and his latest shows he has diversity
    5. Queen Latifah
    She has been giving us pro women music since the 80’s and has showed us how diverse she can be from music to movies rap to jazz and still does it looking beautiful

  4. KimbywayofJA says:

    1. Micheal Jackson
    His music has sold millions and touched billions and there is no denying the feeling when one of his records is on
    2. Rihanna
    Bursting onto the music scene she has been a force every since then and an entertainer she has done music her way and I always support my island massive
    3. Beyonce
    Regardless of whatever controversy surrounds her private life or her videos she is still one of the biggest artists since she came out in 1997 with Destinys Child then going solo she has created youtube dance crazes and new lingo among some of the greatest music
    4. Lil Wayne
    He started out as a early teen back in 1997 and in the past few years he has undeniably taken over the rap world by scoring some of the highest first week sales his songs are catchy and his latest shows he has diversity
    5. Queen Latifah
    She has been giving us pro women music since the 80’s and has showed us how diverse she can be from music to movies rap to jazz and still does it looking beautiful

    I think I deserve to win because I am on my new 2011-2012 to be healthier and back in shape and these headphones would surely let me hear my favorite music clear and concise that will motivate me to run a little farther and push a little harder to achieve my goal

  5. Nikki_H says:

    T.I. – Been a fan since the beginning and he has disappoint me yet

    Amy winehouse- She was creative when it came to songs and song titles. When I’m in a jazz type mood I can put on her “frank” album and chill

    Kanye west- his beats and wordplay is the best (to me) Been a fan since “through the wire”

    Teedra moses- because she is under rated, she put out an album in 2005 that could still be played today on the radio. luv her

    Frank Ocean- his mix tape was far from ordinary and created songs that an R&B fan would love.

    The reason these headphone will benefit me is due to the changing weather. With having an active outdoor workout schedule, pretty soon it will get harder to do due to winter coming. By having these headphone secure in my ears I can wear a hat or ear muffs with worrying about the headphones making my ears uncomfortable.

  6. MRS.JAY says:

    1) Michael Jackson- Should Be The Top Of Everyones List This Man Opened Doors For Everyone WIthout Him Everyones Favorite Artist Would Not Be Here… He Was A Musical Genius!
    2)Beyonce- I Love To Watch A Artist Grow And I Love To Hear The Growth Within The Music And Beyonce Has Grown To Be A Talented Artist.. If You Look At Her Career Starting In Destiny’s Child You Can See Why She Deserves To Be On Top..
    3)Monica- Very Talented All Of Her Songs Take You To Another Place Her Songs Are Real! You Can Feel Where She Is Coming From In All Of Her Records! Thats Why I Love Here
    4) Lil Wayne- Been Rocking WIth This Dude Since 500 Degreez He Truely is The Best Rapper Alive If You Can Create A Whole Cd Without Writing Anything Down That Equals Greatness!
    5) Anita Baker- This Woman Is Without A Doubt One Of The Best There Isnt One Person That Can Say That They Dont Love Anita Baker!

    These Headphones Will Absolutely Benifit Me Because I Am Actually A Swimmer Im Am Trying Out For The Swim Team In Three Weeks At My School (University Of Florida) Throughout My Swim Career I Have Always Wanted Someone To Invent Some Headphones That You Could Swim With… I Believe That It Was God That Led Me To This Website Today Because I Wouldnt Have Known About These Headphones At All! Please Please Please Give Them To Me They Will Be Put To Great Use!

  7. Mia J. says:

    Michael Jackson – The King of Pop. Michael Jackson wrote and recorded some of the best music ever. It just makes you feel good. It can lift your mood, make you dance and keep you on the treadmill.

    T.I. – The king of the south. I love his music. It’s a must when I’m in the gym making my way through a tough workout or in the car going to meet clients. A T.I. track can be like the Rocky theme song for me.

    New Edition – “Ronnie, Bobby, Ricky and Mike”…and Ralph and Johnny. They are consumate performers. I LOVE them. They never disappoint. If it’s N.E. I love it…Candy Girl, Is This The End, Not My Kinda Girl, Can You Stand The Rain, , If It Isn’t Love, Hot 2 Night, Home Again….

    El DeBarge – I love his smooth voice and beautiful falsetto. I never get tired of hearing him sing I Like It, Stay With Me, and All This Love. The Second Chance CD is now a favorite too. I hope he keeps bringing us great music.

    Tamia – Tamia is so underrated but her voice is beautiful. I’m a supporter of her music. She’s almost like a well kept secret but she shouldn’t be. I love her music.

    Keeping this list to 5 was hard because I love music. I would especially enjoy using these headphones in the gym when I’m trying to focus on my workout and the person on the next machine is having a loud conversation on their cell phone or when I’m in the office.

  8. E. May says:

    Luther Vandross- Undeniable Talent! All of Luther’s music has a way of calming me down and bringing me to a place of peace. Listening to his music also reminds me of my dad, I like that 🙂

    Beyonce- Yonce’s new album gives me life!!!! Listening to her music provides me with someone who relates to me through every stage of my life from being in love to being broken hearted to simply being happy.

    Taylor Swift- After Beyonce gives me life Taylor keeps me alive! I think that because she is young and writes from a personal point of view she has a special place in my heart. Her voice is smooth and her music is personal, what more could I truly ask for?

    Ne-Yo- He has a great voice and recycled dance moves that he makes his own. Despite his recycled moves, Ne-Yo brings a touch of creativity that is unthinkable. The music that he writes is beyond what one would think of a man coming up with. For example, Ne-Yo wrote one of my favorite songs “Not Anymore” which is performed by Letoya Luckett.

    Lil Wayne- After I have been brought to life and have remained alive, Lil Wayne gives me food for thought! Lil Wayne makes me think about thinks that are completely away from my train of thought. In the last few years I have been able to see the change in his music and I like that. Lil Wayne is an excellent artist, brilliant!

    The above is only a few of my favorite artist. I need these headphones for my life to continue :). Plus, I keep having to use super glue on my current headphones and with that I keep bonding my fingers :(. If I win these headphones I will keep them safe and wash them to keep them looking new :-D.

  9. mary beth i says:

    Oooh – fun! My kids are more familiar with current artists but I am giving this a shot.

    The Grateful Dead – they kept the 60’s alive and created a counterculture that lives on even today. They are probably the most recorded band in history

    LadyGaga – the new Madonna. Love that she pushes limits and pushes peoples buttons. She is also an incredible artist. Period

    which leads to…. Madonna. My favorite for decades. Love her, Love her music.

    Fleetwood Mac – Just so I can age myself. Sorry but I love listening to Fleetwood Mac! It never gets old. I’ll listen to a more modern group but always go back to Mac.

    Adele. Do I need to explain? She is incredible!


  10. Jene A. says:

    1) Lauryn Hill – I don’t even know where to start with her; But do I even need to really say anything… She tells stories in her songs, she’s poetic, she’s talented, and she captures the listeners attentions; she is truly someone special.

    2) Onyx – Rap at it’s finest. Point said, onyx can make you really get into that mode where all you want to do is get hyped. Their music is what hip hop/rap should be real talk, real emotions, no bs,

    3) Adele – Her music has to be on of the best in terms of songwriting and lyrical meaning. She makes you feel a certain way with her music, her voice is insane and her passion is undeniable.

    4) Nas – a rapper, a lyricist, a true icon, he is not afraid to speak his mind. His music is powerful and relevant he address issues that exsist in today’s world, Nas raps with a sense of common knowledge without sounding overly arrogant. He will always be at the top of the game.

    5) SWV – there is nothing like some good old school R&B I am a sucker for SWV because I fell in love with Weak and rendition of their songs don’t quite do the justice, there is nothing like listening to an older R&B track with a simple beat and a great hook.

    First and foremost the opportunity to win these headphones is amazing. Great music deserves to be enjoyed with a pair of great headphones. I would love to be the recipient of these head phones not only are they a beautiful pair of headphones, but they also have some serious potential to raise the bar on what good music sounds like. There is nothing worse then trying to listen to your favorite artists on a pair or cheap headphones. I hope I can will, i could use a boost this week!


  11. Shana B. says:

    1) Beyonce – Her voice is soo special and unique. She is so talented with everything she do plus she puts her all in it.

    2) Nicki Minaj – Her voice is unique period everything she does she put her own little spice into it. No matter how hard people try and sound like her you cant because her alter egos are funny, different and she isn’t afraid to show the world.

    3) Chris Brown – He can do everything from rapping to dancing to singing to imitating to making movies i love Chris brown. He goes from singing R&B to POP to HIP HOP, i haven’t heard anyone who can do that yet that’s why he is one of the best.

    4)Big Sean – One thing i can say about him is that he is real. He showed how his life was before he got famous. He is just a new artist trying to make it big, when he told his story he tells every part no matter how embarrassing they are.

    5)Biggie Smalls – He is the best period. He came from Brooklyn with no anything selling this and selling that but when he wanted to put the music thing to work he stopped everything. He is the best because not anyone could of just stopped, people would of said oh how they need the money for now or when i get big then ill stop. He stopped before he got everything stayed true to his music and even though he is gone now i still blast his music.

    It would benefit me listening to music with these headphones because 1 i love music and these are my favorite color but i love to have music in my ear no matter where i am. These headphones would help me block off any loud noise on the bus/train i can just be jamming to my music and i wouldnt have to share my headphones with my mother anymore. Plus they will always be clean since they are washable i would cherish those headphones.

  12. Alana says:

    1. Lauryn Hill: she is such a conscious artist and her music lifts my spirit and empowers me. I listen to her music daily.

    2. Hezikah Walker: being raised in the church I can never forget to bump my gossip songs that feed my spiritual soul. Hezikah is one of my favorite gospel artist and one of his songs was sung at my grandfather’s funeral

    3. Anita Baker: this sister can sing! there really isn’t else much to say. “caught up in the rapture” is my theme song for my life.

    4. Janet/Michael Jackson: both Michael and his sister have timeless music. I often find myself humming “Anytime Anyplace” or my MJ favorite “Human Nature”

    5. Luther Vandross: his voice is amazing and I can’t find any song I don’t like. Luther is a legend and I cherish his music always.

  13. I’m a DJ and I really need a great pair of headphones to listen to all the latest music I get daily, I need to be able to hear the good music cause there is so much out there! Even though I get a bunch of new music my iPhone is loaded up with all of my favorites for my commutes and workouts.

    1. Rakim is numero uno on my list, growing up with Rakim blasting “Paid in Full” from my dad’s speakers I need these headphones to relive that moment, nostalgia is everything in music.

    2. The Notorious B.I.G. is my favorite emcee of all time. Classic story teller and he was a dynamic lyricist, even to this day I’m still catching punchlines that could body many of the new cats in my inbox.

    3. Jill Scott is my wake up call music, with these headphones I can feel the essence Jill brings on all of her amazing tracks even more, be inspired.

    4. Adele, I was introduced earlier this year and became an insta fan, I don’t remember the last time I sought out an artist the way I did when I heard “Rolling in the Deep” but she keep me hard at work because she’s keeps putting out melodic beauties and I can just zone out at any time.

    5. Beyonce been riding with her for her entire career and she hasn’t steered me wrong yet! I would take all the albums and just have a mega listening session with King B.

    I hope I win these headphones, I’ve got a lot of work to do and they would help me tremendously!

  14. Intern says:

    @ Shana B. I love your response and your so very right about BIG SEAN.


  15. Bruno Tabong says:

    1) Bob Marley. he changed raggea music foever and he healed the world

    2) Michael Jackson. He is the King of POP

    3) KAnye west. He is real and dont take shit form no one

    4) JAY Z. he is a sucessful person who started with nothing.

    5) Wale. he is the first big african rapper and he inspires me to be proud to be african

  16. Shana B. says:

    @INTERN thanks i appreciate it

  17. liza says:

    1. Jimi Hendrix- a man completely before his time. A lot of artists try to imitate but there’s no comparison.
    2. Bob Marley- Every song had a message and when I listen to his music I become engulfed in his lyrics and voice.
    3. Lauryn Hill- A true muscian… she makes singing and songwriting look easy. I listen to the Miseducation of Lauryn HIll like it just came out today. One album I can say that I never skip a song.
    4. Jill Scott- I love listening to her music… she takes Neo- Soul to a new level. I think at times she can be overshadowed by the industry because of her deliverance or style but she is a great artist who deserves more respect and shine.
    5. Frank Ocean- He seems to be a normal guy who loves making music. I find it refreshing to not see an artist who is overly flashy or transformed. He’s a great songwriter with incredible songs.

    I would benefit to listen to their music with these headphones because music is every part of me. I need music where ever I am I can never find headphones that either don’t stay in my ears when I run or ride my bike or the quality is poor.

  18. !. Hamilton Park – There southern 90’s R&B feel mixed with their Boyz II Men like harmonies & EPIC blend! THose four dudes are putting LOVE & FEELING back into R&B.

    2. Brandy – Though she hasn’t been on the scene for a minute her music still appeals to the masses with her vibrant personality & cool & laid back style and combined with her youthful yet still womanly approach her music is a universal favorite of the masses.

    3. Aaliyah (R.I.P.) – Known throughout the industry as “Baby Girl” Aaliyah was & still is one of the industries leading ladies. She is truly put her heart & soul into her music which is why her music continues to live on. She paved the way for many that succeeded her…she set many trends, broke many boundaries & touched many lives.

    4. Michael Jackson (RIP) – Now I’m sure I wont receive any argument here. Michael jackson not only gave us AMAING music but he gave us his HEART as well. Known for not only his music but his philanthropy, Michael Jackson was & still is a favorite amongst the masses! He gave his LIFE to music & his TIME to many all with the goal to “Heal The World”

    5. Tupac (2Pac) Shakur (RIP) – More than just a rapper, A lyricist & poet, Tupac opened the worlds eyes by giving the world a greater insight into the life of the average African-American trying to “Make It”. With his RAW lyrics & excellent knack for world-play combined with his charisma & hood swag, Tupac changed the hip-hop & rap game forever!

  19. With these headphones I would continue to listen to music which is my first love…Music has helped me to heal my mind, body and spirit in times of need…It has given me much knowledge & helped me to pass knowledge on to others! Music is life & the headphones would help me to continue to live… =)

  20. Intern says:

    Wow…@misspromobarbie thats deep!


  21. KYM G. says:

    Alright my top 5 artists

    1. Sxrillex- this musician is a part of the techno music industry. His unique mix of house, electronic and other musical characteristics gets me fist pumping all day and night! And his music makes me wanna get up and do something becausethe music is so energizing! (Another reason I would enjoy these headphones, I am constantly on the move. Even if its just doing a few exercises or going on a walk or run! ^^ )

    2. Jessie J.- I first found out about her while looking around vevo for something new to listen to. And I kept coming across this ad for her, stating that she was a new, young British singer with something new to bring into the world. Well after seeing this God knows how many times, I decided to give her a chance. And so I watched her vid, “Do It Like a Dude”. I’ll admit it took me a few tries to actually like the song (it was so… different, like Nicki Minaj and Lady Gaga but had a unique swag goin on) , but soon I loved it! And so I continued listening to her from that, to Price Tag and Who You Are. And she continues to be an inspiration to me and lets me be able to let my ‘unfitting’ personality out.

    3. Nicki Minaj- When I first saw her on Bedrock, I thought she was just another part of the new Young Money group, but when she rapped, I found myself listening to her rap over and over until I memorized it! Then I knew I had found a new rapper that I loved (besides Biggy Smalls and Lil Wayne.) Her accent and lyrical genius never got old. And as I went on YouTube to listen to her old songs, I saw how she was rising out of the ghetto as she grew up, and listened to her songs about making it out, her family’s troubles, and how she was only praying for an understanding of her role in life. And now seeing how different she is fashionably (from wigs to shoes!) and lyrically (her words are of inspiration and thanks. Can be very humble in my opinion.) she makes me smile, and I always get excited when I see she has a new song out or even if she’s only featured in it, I know she’s gonna kill it!

    4. Eminem- A few years ago, when I listened to his Encore album, I thought he was just a funny white guy who had the rappin skills and swag of a black guy (please don’t take this in a racist manner!). But as he overcame his obstacles in his life and career, I saw a guy who was only looking for understanding and light for himself, fans and his family. And when I listened to his old songs like Mockingbird and Beautiful or Toy Soldier, I’d find myself in tears. Its so touching, and I can relate to them.

    5. Deadmau5- this is another artist from the techno industry, like Skrillex his music gets me going! But also, his music is usually longer and usually have absolutely no words. But the composition of instruments can usually be calming and pleasing. Or sometimes even spooky yet relaxing. I enjoy his music the most when taking a walk, because of their length, yet their progressiveness to the outrageous orchestra of sounds, beats and chords.

    I don’t have a lot to say, but I would REALLY appreciate these headphones because for one, every time I get a new pair of earbuds/headphones, they shortly get a shortage in them, or I can’t find them again ) : (Usually because of the children in the house) And because I literally need music to survive mentally and spiritually (I mean I have speakers, but I enjoy hearing music for myself ( : I like feeling the bass and hearing the different parts of what makes up the music- especially as an aspiring musician! ^ ^) And so when I can’t hear the music like I want to or can’t have it at all, I feel bored for one, but also like a hole has opened and needs to be closed with sounds, voices and bass. LOTS OF BASS ( ;

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