GIVEAWAY: Two Tickets To The Soul Train Awards!!!

Freddyo readers we have another giveaway for you! Freddyo’s biggest fans will receive a pair of tickets to the Soul Train Awards that will take place here in Atlanta tomorrow. In order to win you must leave a comment telling 3 reasons why you think you deserve to go as well as email The winner will be announced at 10 am tomorrow on the website. The winner will have pick up details emailed to them. Read inside to see who all will be performing at the award show tomorrow.

With tickets valued at $150 per ticket, the winner will get to enjoy the Soul Train Awards way before everyone else see’s it on tv. In addition to this, you get to take part in a show that made history. The Soul Train Awards is the very place that the legendary Michael Jackson first debuted his signature dance move the moonwalk.

This year there will be a ton of performers including Mindless Behavior, Jill Scott, Chrisette Michelle, Cee-Lo Green, Robin Thicke, Marsha Ambrosius and a host of others. The show will be hosted by Cedric The Entertainer. If this sounds like a show that you want to be in attendance to, do the following:

  1. Leave a comment below with a valid email address telling 3 reasons why you deserve to go.
  2. Email with the 3 reasons as well

It’s simple as that! The winner will be announced tomorrow morning! Let’s go!



34 responses to “GIVEAWAY: Two Tickets To The Soul Train Awards!!!”

  1. Linda says:

    1. I feel my best friend is most deserving to go and I would bring her as my guest because ever since she lost all her stuff in the floods in Atlanta a few years, she has been trying to rebuild her life but continues to be selfless and put others before herself. She has kept a VERY positive attitude. I want to do something real special for her.

    2. I deserve to go because I will be driving four hours to go and four hours back by myself in order to attend.

    3. I deserve to go because I will appreciate and enjoy every minute .

  2. shawna says:

    damn, tomorrow, you can’t be doing last minute thing like that i’m all the way in boston.

    1. im in boston i need a vacation from work
    2. i’m in boston i need a vacation from work
    3. yeah that’s it, i’m in boston i need a last minute vacation from work.

  3. TaSonya Smith says:

    I deserve to win these tickets because
    #1 Ive been a freddyO fan for a couple of years. I follow on twitter, facebook and youtube. I stopped reading other blog sites because I loved how he built a brand of blogging for himself and keep us entertained with truthful information and will correct any information the site that is incorrect.

    #2 Ive been watching Soul Train since I was 10 and Don Cornelius was the host. I loved watching on Saturdays and seeing the performers/dancers. Im 26 now and I’ve loved every since then. I wish they would bring it back on tv.

    #3 lastly this is a once in a lifetime opportunity and I would love to be able to fill a dream Ive had to go and check it off my bucket list. Not to mention Id love to let my mother experience this with me and we’d be coming all the way from Kentucky. Last minute notice is no problem.

  4. Demetria says:

    Hi FreddyO!
    I have been a fan of your works since you were taking pics for another blog in the Atlanta area. I believe I should win the tickets for a number of reasons but I’ll give you three. 🙂

    1. 2011 has been the most difficult and challenging year of my life. The downturn of this economy has caused many financial hardships for me and my family, from filing bankruptcy to unemployment. Not to mention the loved ones we have lost this year. But through the grace of God we are still standing with our head above water and a smile on our faces. Winning these tickets would bring me the utmost joy and I would have just one night to be glamorous and forget about all my troubles.

    2. I currently am the COO of a non-profit organization called LIFTO (Leveraging Information for Tomorrow Ourselves) which helps young high school students in the DeKalb County area achieve their dreams through mentorships, internships, and community service. We currently have 30 students in our organization and we work hard for FREE! Lots of blood, sweat and tears (not to mention money) goes into making sure that everything is ran properly. Helping others gives me joy and I would love to take one of my girls who wants to be an artist to the awards show so that she can get a first hand view of stardom and allow her to make some connections that would be long-lasting.

    3. Lastly, I would like to win the tickets because I have been a fan of Soul Train since the afros and bell bottoms days. Their brand has remained true and constant in the black community for years. I would like to see the live performances and savor every hit note, shining light, elaborate outfit if only for one night up close and personal.

    Please Freddy O, I would love to win the tickets! It would be one of the greatest gifts ever and I know that my student would be eternally greatful. And so would I. 🙂

  5. Dionne says:

    1. I deserve the tickets because you not only have young people on your page you have old too.
    2. I’m a fan of your that comes to your website daily, not to mention we are both LEO. you are ready know!!
    3. I’m an old head not a chicken head, I’m 47 and can represent us very well, not to mention it time for the old school to have some fun.

  6. LaToya says:

    My three reasons…..

    1: I DVR old 70’s episodes of Soul Train just so I can sing along and do the dances : )

    2: I’m proud that a legacy of Urban music is still being represented and celebrated today and I would LOVE to be apart of this years celebration!

    3: I LOVE MUSIC!

  7. Greg Harper says:

    1. I deserve the tickets to The Soul Train Awards because I am Freddyo # 1 Fan, I can’t start my day without reading articles from this website. All my news sources come from this site.

    2. I have been a fan of Cedric The Entertainer for years. I love Anita Baker, Earth Wind & Fire and every party that I attend I always form a Soul Train line. I have been watching Soul Train since I was a young boy. If I win these tickets It will be an honor.

    3. Another reason I would love to win these tickets because I am on vacation this week and this would be a great vacation prize!!!!!!!

  8. jason says:

    # 3 reason’s why i deserve to go to 2011 soul train music awards!
    1 – because i support harry-o and view the website dailey!!!
    2 – I have been a soul train fn since birth! my momma used to watch it when i was a child.And my older brother watched it when i was a pre-teen and i have been watching every since!
    3 – Because i moved to Atlanta from Flint,MI, and love the enviornment and all the southern hospitality!I would love to attend this event and anything else the city has to offer!!

  9. Jhanelle Lewis says:

    Hey FreddyO,

    My three reasons to go will be:
    1) Because I’ve been a fan of you and when I met you last night and you had no issues with taking a pic with me on my phone, it meant the world to me.
    2) Because I’m an aspiring designer and networking and meeting people of influence would bring my drive to a whole other level. Network network network.
    3) And last but not least because I’ve been a big fan of the Soul Train show and the awards and I would love to be in the presence of the people I’m most influenced by!!

  10. Cora says:

    Here are 3 reasons why I feel I deserve these two tickets.

    1. There is not a day that goes by that I don’t visit freddyo website. In my opinion, that makes me a faithful reader.

    2. I have emailed you on several occasions but never got a response back. The fact that I am not giving up makes me consistent and I believe I have a chance.

    3. I tried to look up the tickets last month but several websites said it was not open to the public. I was very crushed but I figured you guys would give your fans an opportunity.

  11. Candice G. says:

    Hey Freddy!
    First, thank you for continuing to reach out to your fans by offering these tickets as well as using your photography skills to capture everyday people and celebrities out and about. Now, I believe I deserve the tickets because
    1) I am a lover of music. I have been watching Soul Train since I was a child and my parents were right behind me talking about how they had been watching it since they were young. Which proves that it is a part of black history and has paved the way for so many aspiring artist and been an outlet for dancers and everyone to express themselves through MUSIC. Also my hometown hero Cedric the Entertainer will be hosting…it’s going to be epic!

    2) I’m an educator. I teach high school science in Atlanta and I give my all to these kids everyday. To be honest, going to the awards would be a great way to get out of “teacher mode” and get a much needed break. Also I could brag all day long to my students about how I got to go.

    3) Finally I would love to go because going will be yet another chapter in my book called life. This is a once in a life time opportunity and I want to be apart of it and apart of history! It would be a great way to kick off my Thanksgiving Holiday too!

  12. jay says:

    lol yall really want them tickets huh

  13. 1you know me,lol&ifollow u on twitter: &im typin this from my fone that keeps freezing 🙁
    2.Used to watch alllll the award shiw via fone w/friends&we dreamd abiut attendin&werkn in the biz&now we do:dreams do come tru!!! ;)))
    3i always reallllly wantd to be live on the 70’s edition w/a fro! Didn’t you????
    Pick me fred, so I can show my friend from texa a good time&get2hang w/ porsha since the bet pr dept was overcapacity4letting folks volunteer

  14. Ashley Evans says:

    1. I used to love to watch Soul Train with my mom and see all of my favorite artists perform!

    2. Because I participate in every Soul Train Line at every party!

    3. My birthday is November 21 and this would be a great birthday gift!

  15. VJ says:

    (1) Plain and simple I grew up watching Soul Train – fashion, music, black people having fun ! I miss those days !

    (2) Who can forget the Soul Train line – not me ! Every birthday party, family gathering and even today I’m the leader of the Soul Train Line !

    (3) The place to see the world’s most legendary artist – many paved the way for the landsacpe of music today. I still play many of the artisit – real music !

  16. Dee says:

    1. My husband is incarcerated.
    2. My daughter is a sophmore in college and my son is 14.
    3. I’m a Scorpio so IT’s My Birthday Month!!!!

  17. Chidnma Egbujo says:

    Hello FreddyO!

    3 reasons why I deserve to go to the Soul Train Awards: First I love this site and I hope I get picked!

    1# I haven’t had a vacation in forever and the people at my job would be so jealous!

    2# Nothing exciting has happened to me or for me in 2011, so this would end my year with a BANG!

    3# I absolutely LOVE, LOVE,LOVE music and I have SOOOUUUUULLLLLL!

  18. Jasmine Sterling says:

    1. I deserve to go to Soultrain Awards because , I’ve always dreamed of going to the show , ever since it started. Every year I record it and learn the entire show from beginning to end .

    2.As a child I grew up watching Soultrain and I always told my parents that , their child *ME* would be on that show on stage showing of the talent that God has blessed me with , even though I wont be performing just winning these tickets and get a chance to go it will be a blessing because I have been working so hard .Coming home, and calling the radio station non stop trying to win these tickets.

    3.Being able to see EARTH WIND & FIRE in person will bring tears to my eyes, my grandmother passed away in Aug this year and that was her favorite group we always said that we’d go to a concert and see them together but it never happen but if I win these tickets I’ll just know that her spirit will be with me. Even if I dont recieve the tickets I know my grandmother would be so proud of me for trying so HARD to get the tickets. I really just want to go to learn more about the amazing Artist before my time because I’am working very hard on coming out with my own music and I honestly think that if you really want to be in the industry then you must learn your music history, so many artist out now havent heard of majority of the GREATEST of all TIME… Freddyo if you give me these tickets I know for a FACT that you will make me the happiest girl in the world LITERALLY .

    PS: I’ll be right across the street from the awards tommorow for a photoshoot so , those tickets would just put the icing on the cake for me lol
    God bless you and I hope you choose carefully , because everyone wants the tickets but only one person REALLY needs them 🙂

  19. LaQuida Wilder says:

    Hey FreddyO!

    First of all thank you for giving everyone the opportunity to attend the show!

    1.) I grew up watching Soul Train, that was one of my favorite shows to watch!
    2.) Music is EVERYTHING to me, this would be a DREAM come true to be in the presence of such wonderful artists.
    3.) Did I say this would be a DREAM come true?:) Be blessed..

  20. Miss.Kia says:

    Hi freddyo i think would be deserving of the tickets. This has not been a very good year 4 me. I hve been depressed, stressed, used & disrespected this year. I have been going thru alot this year. I hve never won anything & this would mean the world 2 m

  21. 1. I think I should go because I am a strong black mother of six that rocks, and that would be such a good reward for always striving to be the best at anything I’m doing.

    2. I grew up watching the awards and music plays a big part of my way to deal with the trials and struggles I have face.

    3. I got shot in 2009 and had one of my fingers amputated and my profession by trade is a licensed cosmetologist and I am still the best at styling and designing hair I didn’t let that stop me and I always rise to the top.

  22. Elle Breion says:

    1. I am a lover of real music. Soultrain is one of the only award shows around that still honors the greatness, pureness and authenticity of my people and their music. As the future of music, I feel it is necessary to be on the room and share energy with legends like Earth, Wind and Fire and Ms. Gladys Knight.

    2. This event kicks off my birthday celebration.

    3. All of my favorite artists (Eric Benet, Jill Scott, Kenny Lattimore, Lalah Hathaway, Doug E. Fresh and Q-Tip) are performing!!

  23. 1. I’d really like these tickets to surprise my beat friend. She has been getting the run around for the past few weeks about tickets. She is a huge fan of a lot of the performers and I want her to be able to see them. She has my back and always has since we were 5. She always goes out of her way for me and this is the least I could do.

    2. I’m a huge Soultrain fan. I was alive on the tail end of Don Corneilus but I used to watch Shemar Moore and catch original episodes from time to time on Centric.

    3. This is the 3rd year my city has been able to host the awards and I have yet to go. I would like to experience it while I can.

  24. Ihsaana says:

    1. “I love music…sweet sweet music” (where are the O’Jays when you need them)

    2. SoulTrain is the hippest trip in America!!! As a native Atlantan, it would be a privilege to bear witness to a night that will be filled with colorful sounds, alot of love and laughter. With the recent passing of musical giants Amy Winehouse, Nick Ashford & Heavy D, it is important that we acknowledge those that have made an impact in our lives. Earth, Wind & Fire and Gladys Knight have both left an indelible impression in my life and I would love an opportunity to participate in showing my gratitude for their musical contributions and just to simply say thank you!

    3. This experience will be another memory that I will love and appreciate!

  25. Carrie says:

    First of all I would like to say thanks for this opportunity.

    1. I would like to go because I’ve never been to an event like this and it would mean so much if I could attend. I’ve been watching for years and I believe this will be a great experience.

    2. I love the History of this event. Everything about the Soultrain is just magnificent! It means so much growing up an watching this show. I would just love to witness it all right in front of me. Also, I haven’t been to any live performances in awhile so this would be perfect as the venue located not too far from my residence.

    3. Lastly, I believe I should go because I truly want this! I would just love to be there. I don’t care where I’m sitting as long as I’m in the building. I would really appreciate this opportunity!

  26. 1) I was able to find this website in the first place.
    2) I will be able to share this experience with my family back in Cincinnati.
    3) better late than never, I got faith!

  27. Kyler says:

    Good Morning!

    I would love to go to the Soul Train Awards for the following reasons:

    1) I’m in love with music. Music is like the biography of my life. All of my favorite songs contribute to the day I fell in love, gave birth, or the death of someone close to me.

    2) Music is something to be shared and to see some of my favorite artists with a close friend, LIVE would be amazing.

    3) I LOVE SOUL TRAIN….I’ve been watching it since I was a kid

  28. NeedAHandUp says:

    1.) Going to the SOUL Train Awards would really make me forget that I have been looking for work and have been unable to find a job.

    2.) Music has always been able to make me feel better and forget about my troubles.

    3.) I have always been a SOUL TRAIN fan since the beginning of the 1st telecast.

  29. Dana Thomas says:





  30. Stephanie Tigner says:


    FreddyO, in order to win tickets, I first have to provide 3 reasons why I should get the tickets. First of all, I am a HUGE fan of FreddyO. I visit your site daily to get all the entertainment news. Secondly, every single time a show of this magnitude is in Atlanta, I’m never able to go. Thirdly, my 19 year daughter would think I was the coolest mom ever if I suprised her with tickets. FreddyO please help me out. This would be a great occasion for myself and my daughter!!!!!

    Sincerely,Stephanie S. Tigner

  31. Cecilia Harris says:

    Hello To Whom this Concerns: I am graciously asking to be the chosen one to attend the Soul Train Awards. First and foremost, I am a huge fan, and have not missed one aired Soul Train Awards Show since I was the age of 23 ( I am currently 44).
    Second, I appreciate what BET has continued to do in giving our community this one day per year to honor talent, celebrate achievements, and look forward to seeing Great Entertainment.
    Lastly, for the past year, I’ve endured quite a bit. Taking care of a sick Mom so that she is able to stay in her home and not be placed in a nursing home, has taken a lot out of me. And I would not have had it any other way. This opportunity would make me feel like I won the lottery!!!
    Thank you,

  32. Cecilia Harris says:

    And, FreddyO
    How can I not show up when the St. Louis Native, Cedric The Entertainer, is Hosting this Faboulous Event. I live in the Show Me State Too. Thank you FreddyO!!!

  33. Brentae says:

    Hey Princeton..How are yu love tht hair of your’s wen are yu cumin to spend sum time wit me…….love everyone in tht mindless behavior group but the most i love is yu so i can give yu my numbah so yu cud call me sum tymes…………….447-8432

  34. La-French says:

    Hi Freddy
    My 3 reasonsfor deserving to go is:
    I’m the hippest chick in the all the land …….
    My mom knew how much i loved to watch Soul Train she would make me clean the whole entire house before I could watch the show every saturday morning but, it was well worth it.
    As an African American Woman i”m so glad i got to watch history in the making.

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