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Goo Goo Sister of Mary Mary Dumps Boyfriend

goo goo breaks up with justin
The Homie Goo done kicked ol Boo Boo to the curb! It’s about TIME! 

We were introduced to Mary Mary’s sister Goo Goo’s boyfriend Justin from Atlanta during the airing of the Mary Mary show.
It became very evident early on in the show that Justin was CLEARLY there for air time and possibly a check!
From the moment he decided to interfere in Mary Mary business to wrecking Goo Goo’s car, it was apparent he was NOT the 1.
goo goo breaks up with boyfriend
Goo Goo homey…. So glad you removed your head from the clouds and a got a sense of realty!
In Justin’s defense although portrayed as a bump or starving artist (rapper) on the show, he actually does have a legit gig playing piano for gospel singer Joanne Condry (ATL radio personality of Praise 102.5, CoCo brother’s wife).
justin goo goo ex boyfriend
During a recent interview with AlwaysAList Goo claims he was a good guy:
“Justin and I are no longer together. It’s nothing horrible or bad or anything like that. It just kind of didn’t work out. There were some things we needed to work on and they just kind of didn’t work themselves out.
“I pulled back and looked at the overall relationship and I just thought it would be best if we went our separate ways just as friends,”
she said before adding that Justin is a “good guy!”.
So do you think Goo Goo made a good decision about ending her friendship with Justin?
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