Greg Wants NeNe of Real Housewives of Atlanta Back!


Yes, you read it right! Greg wants NeNe back and she is open for that possibility under a couple of terms. NeNe says that if Greg will do right than she is all for them getting back together.
This is a beautiful thing because it shows that when people love and love hard; they are able to rekindle their flames of love.

NeNe is definitely at a point in her life where there is only room for positivity and she is confidently embracing every moment of it. From becoming a writer and releasing her book titled,”Never Make The Same Mistake Twice” to being a woman in demand in the television industry; NeNe has definitely stepped her game up for the world to recognize it and be envy. At the route that she is going, NeNe Leakes will not only be a household name, but also an Icon for upcoming generations.


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