Grill Ripped Out Of Man’s Mouth While In Jail


You will never guess what happened to a Tennessee inmate when he told a female jailer he couldn’t remove his gold teeth when he was being booked…PS..he is now $100,000 richer because of it….

Tenn Jail Teeth Injured

V-103webmag is reporting that 31 year old Anthony McCoy was being booked into the Davidson County Jail in Tennessee, Lt. Tanya Mayhew instructed him to remove all of his jewelry including his gold teeth. McCoy informed Lt. Mayhew that he had the grill permanently cemented to his teeth. Lt. Mayhew then put on a glove, put her hand in McCoy’s mouth and began to YANK and PULL the grill until it came out of his mouth! causing him to spit out blood and teeth!!!!! If you thought that was bad…He was refused treatment for 10 day! He never received more than a tylenol for his pain until then.

Lt. Mayhew was suspended for 5 days and demoted and McCoy will receive a $100,000 settlement for his pain and suffering. WOW I hate to see what they would do to someone that had their jeans sagging.

What yall think?

Tenn Jail Teeth Injured


  1. im not mad that the inmate gets 100000$ that big amazon bitch should not have put her hands on him it is heard of that people get permanent grills yeah that shit is stooopid but um its heard of & i think she shouldve gotten fired foh anyway if he did get locked up for child support i know the baby or babies mother is/are smiling

  2. bwahaha that jailer is probably a btxch whos baby daddy is behind on child support. victim child!


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