Gucci Mane Is Still Locked Up & Won’t Be Doing Any Clubs Anytime Soon!


Hundreds of fans were disappointed by Rap Star Gucci Mane last night, who still remains in jail. Fans packed the Onyx strip club last night expecting to sip champagne with the “So Icey”, “Freaky Gurl” rapper.
The club’s promoters spent about 10 G’s to ensure that Gucci would celebrate his release at Club Onyx.
Gucci Mane has also been scheduled for appearances this week by many club promoters. But Onyx’s promoters didn’t find out until last night along with the fans that Gucci Mane was a NO SHOW and hadn’t been released from jail. I can just say that these promoters are little more than Pissed to say the least!!
According to, Ashutosh Joshi (Gucci Mane’s attorney), Gucci was supposed to be released from the Fulton County jail yesterday. But according to sources at Fulton County Jail, Gucci Mane still remains in jail.

Gucci, who’s real name is Radric Davis, 31, was arrested and charged with assault on June 28th after he pushed a woman out of his Hummer while it traveled down an Atlanta highway.
According to sources, there was a hold on Gucci and that after he is released from the Fulton County Jail, he will be sent to the Georgia Diagnostic and Classification Prison in Jackson, Georgia. The GDCP is where the criminally insane are sent for diagnostics and treatment. The prison also houses the state’s execution chamber.


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