Gucci Mane wants Chief Keef to LEARN from his MISTAKES



“Do as I say, not as I do” is the message that the big homie Gucci Mane wants his protegé Chief Keef to follow. Gucci Mane seems to stay in some legal troubles but he wants something different for his young rapping protegé.

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Gucci Mane says the following,

“I take responsibility for some of that bad stigma that comes from me”.

“A lot of the things I have done, some I regret. And a lot of it [that bad stigma] is unwarranted. A lot of it, it be false claims, the media take it and make their own assumptions, but I guess from all the things I did in the past — it’s like the boy who cried wolf, it just comes with it.”

Wow it takes strength in character to see your mistakes and own up to them. When asked about his youngest Brick Squad star Chief Keef he says the following,

“My advice would be to him — and any young guy — is to learn from the many people that they seen in they life … me being one of them. Try not to do the same things that I did.”

Gucci has been criticized for mentoring at local high schools because of his legal issues and pass. But Gucci had this to say for his critics,

“I feel like I can tell my story to anyone who wanna hear it,” he said. “Kids don’t usually like listening to their teachers. They wanna hear from somebody they feel like’s in the skreets, or in the know. Got to say something. That’s the only reason I speak … I try and tell ‘em something positive.”

As always the interview went to  Waka Flocka Flame, and Gucci had the following to say,

“I don’t see this

as being any different than the last eight or nine times we done got into it with each other.” At the heart of it all, he said, “He a great businessman, and I pride myself on being a great businessman.”

Check out the audio below:
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