Gucci Speaks At Atlanta Middle School Career Day


So Gucci Mane is now the new role model for children? Not too sure how to take this. Is it a good thing he is trying to do good in the community OR is this just all kind of wrong to have him at a child’s career day?! What do you think?

Gucci spent time in Atlanta helping mold the minds of middle schoolers during career day. He spoke to the students at Crawford Long Middle School during their career day and he even stayed for a language arts class.


I mean, he is no T.I. changing his ways … But the trapstar is trying to do right in the community!!! 2 thumbs up Gucci!



  1. Gucci Mane is not a role model for our middle school children. Is it just the music or do we reall want our kids to follow his example. Also T.I. is not a role model for children either. Lets not forget what type of guns TI was purchasing Assult weapons/silencers just like the weapons used in the Sandy Brook shooting. Just because we enjoy his music and TV show does not make him a role model. Our kids our more important

  2. It depends on what you define is a role model. A person’s behavior, example, or SUCCESS [key word] can be emulated by others, especially by young people. This is the same man who gives out turkeys and donates toys to the needy each year. And when you see him out here giving back he does it with his own money and out of the kindness of his heart. This has the propensity to convey a message to any youth to GIVE BACK to your community if the opportunity affords you. Don’t take from it – robbing, stealing….At least Gucci Mane’s heart appears to be in the right place. There are actually some kids that enjoy writing poetry as a child, and want to pursue rapping as a career. Why can’t this man come to Career Day at a school? We need to stop being so judgmental and hypocritical. None of us have squeaky clean backgrounds. Rather this man has been involved in legal woes or not, the fact remains that he took the time out of his day to show up. Stop speaking negativity and applaud people who are trying to make a difference or change. I’m off my soap box now. The End.


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