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Hair Extensions: Good Or Bad Beauty Trend?

Hair extensions have been used by African-Americans for decades, but is now the growing trend good or harmful to people’s scalp?  Hair extensions have become the go to accessory for the everyday women and some men. Some opt to wear hair extensions for fullness, length, or trying a new look. Hair extensions which can be sewn into a braid or glued on the scalp, fusioned, braided-in, or clipped-in, now have some experiencing first hand the dangerous side of it. Dr. Eric Schweiger, a New York City dermatologist says,

“We have patients who are in their early 20s come in after wearing hair extensions for six months or one year, and they actually have bald spots. It’s very important that people out there know the risks of hair extensions before they get them done. If you’re going to do any extensions, just use them for a few hours and take them out. That’s the safest way. 

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 Doctors say people who wear hair extensions can see a risk of damage with those with already thin or weak hair, or those with a medical condition, like anemia. Hair extensions can really benefit a person’s hair besides looks. Hair extensions can help the hair grow, give the hair a break from products and most importantly heat. But the debate will forever go on whether hair extensions are good or bad, due to a lot of pros and cons. But remember if you do opt to get hair extensions, make sure you get them done by a professional. And make sure the process is not painful or the weave too heavy in your head.



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