Happy Father’s Day!


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Happy Father’s Day to all the beautiful men in the world and their Father’s and/ or Father figures in their lives. Today is a day to remember all the present Father’s and people who have stepped into to help guide you. I hope everyone has had a lovely and warm day with their Fathers but most importantly remembering that the relationship that you have with them is not irreplaceable.

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As we do on every other national day dedicated to someone, people were flooding social media with kind words and pictures of their father’s! A couple that stood out to me were Omarion, Chris Brown, Tyrese, Diddy, and Bryson Tiller. Omarion and Chris would be my favorite father and child interactions but they are all great! However, I feel like Father’s day is a lot more emotional for some people.

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As we know from personal experience or not, there are a lot of dead beat father’s and because of that fact many feel the need to post their mother’s. Now, I have nothing against that obviously if your mom was the only one raising you, you have the right to do that but do not take away from the day that is honoring men who actually did step up to the plate handling their responsibilities.

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You feel me?

We can honor the fact that our mothers are magical creatures and are superhuman without taking away from the present and loving Father’s of today, so let’s do that!

Learn to forgive and let it go because you will never move passed the hate and anger in your hearts.

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We love all the Daddy’s around the world, please keep raising men and young ladies because we need them!




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