Happy Four Months A’mei!





The last post I made on this family I was pretty upset but this time I have some more joyful news to report. Omarion and Apryl’s daughter turned four months today! Not only is that exacting for the new parents but also for the public who are so in love with her!

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It is still shocking to me that the two are not together but I am so happy that they still make their kids feel loved unconditionally. I wonder how they will do birthday’s and things when the kids get really old?


It’s always interesting to know how their┬áminds of people in the media work. I know their daughter now is too young to know what is going on but I think Megga could suspect something fishy. I want to know if there is a chance that they will get back together, honestly.


Apryl and Omarion now have a system I guess where they each take one child at a time (according to Snapchat) but I feel like Megga asks himself how come I never see daddy and mommy together when he is home? How come there’s no more family trips?

What are your thoughts?



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