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Has Frank Ocean Fallen Off + Has He Abandoned His Alternative Fans?


Vibe questions Frank Ocean’s comeback ability after having almost 4 months of radio silence from his camp.

Outside of the lawsuit  that Chipotle filed to get their advance returned on a music deal with the Grammy winner that went south, I haven’t heard anything from the hip-hop sensation.

Personally I have become very disappointed in Ocean’s failure to lead as a out and proud SGL. Outside of his announcement of likin’ dudes, occasionally — once– I’m not sure sure I follow his coming out letter still to this day, he’s said nothing about what being a bisexual hip-hop star means in this modern day time.

Though Frank has NO obligation to speak on anything gay related, I find his coming out –and just that– to have been nothing more than a publicity tool to move his first LP “Channel Orange”. It got people talking, it definitely contributed to his meteoric rise, and it helped his debut album to do relatively well.

And since he’s the only one in hip-hop living a relatively open and honest life, it seems even more important that he sway a bit of that spotlight on social issues that affect us all, particularly the epidemic of homophobia in hip-hop.

I want to make clear its his right to do what he does. But his coming out seems to have been without any sort of conviction. Im still mulling it over in my head.

But while I do that, Vibe Mag also questions Ocean’s quiet status. And calls him out on it, while offering up ideas on how he can generate buzz.

Channel Orange was released in July 2012, which feels like eons ago in the digital age. In a time where we know about a celeb’s every move thanks to Instagram, Twitter and paparazzi, Frank Ocean is barely a blip on the radar.

3. Make it a surprise.
Okay, okay, so ever since Beyonce set the bar high with her guerrilla-style surprise album, we’ve been worrying that the idea would be done to death afterwards. However, a move like that has been precisely up Frank Ocean’s alley from the get-go. If there’s anyone who could probably pull off releasing an album with anti-promotion tactics, it’d be Frank.
He’s shrouded in mystery more often than not. Dropping a musical bomb on us would be thrilling. It wouldn’t be the first time he went left field on us, though. Remember how his week-early Jimmy Fallon album release had folks scrambling to their iTunes accounts? A repeat is doable.

4. Address those hotly discussed controversies, feuds and fallouts.
Fist fights with Chris Brown. Flip-the-birdie checks to Chipotle. Rappers allegedly not wanting to collaborate because of sexuality discrepancies. Torn vocal cords. That awkward, pitchy Grammy performance. For every up he’s had, Frank has also had his downs. Air it all out, Sir (in the clever, poetic Frank Ocean way, of course).

5. Limit the use of that rap alter-ego.
Remember that “Blue Whale” song? Or his verse on Earl Sweatshirt’s “Sunday”? Or the Chris Brown rebuttal written in a Migos flow? The singer to rapper transition isn’t always a smooth (nor welcome) one. It’s cool to be experimental with your vocal delivery and it looks nice on paper, but we’re not sold on MC Frankie yet. Ballads over bars, please.

Naturally these are jokes, but a serious conversation definitely needs to be had on how Def Jam’s gonna get people to care.

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