Has Lil Kim Lost Her Look & Queen-B’ness?



The homie Necolebitchie.com be on it for posting stories that make me think. I have to say after reading her post on Lil Kim I have too ask the question, “Do you think Lil Kim is still the Queen… Or can you not get pass all of the face transplants” … HUmmm ? Shot out to the peps over at AllEyeOnWho.com for the pic’s…


  1. ….What price fame?

    Not-too-long from now, we’re gonna wake up on a Sunday morning, turn-on the TV – to one of those gospel shows, and see Kim, Hammer ( MC Hammer – back in his ‘wicked-days’), and the THEN, returning-to-“the-cloth” ‘Mase,’ repent, rebuke and become born-again! ….That’ll be between the stories of debauchery, ‘financial-mismanagement,’ and “wanton-neglect” of spirituality!

    …..And if you missed-it, you’ll get to see them do it ALL OVER AGAIN the very-NEXT Sunday!!

    X,Y,”and Z” — OUT!!

    P.S. — I bet Freddy likes Kim; don’t you Freddy? Freddy likes HIS women as he likes HIS cars………..’nuff said!!!!

  2. EwwW she look diirty* not even trying to come at her on some other level bhut she dont look as liike used to. tooo muuch Surgery.!!


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