Heavy D Took On William Shakespeare In Final Movie Role ‘H4’


Earlier this year we lost one of Hip Hops pioneers but threw the magic of film we get to see him doing his thing one more time. Sources reports the last film shot by late rapper Heavy D is set to be released in 2013, reports Sister 2 Sister magazine.

The rapper, born Dwight Arrington Myers, plays Archbishop Scroop in “H4,”a modern take on William Shakespeare’s Henry IV.

His co-star Terrell Tilford told Sister 2 Sister that Heav had some reservations about taking the role because of the film’s language. He recalls telling Heavy D, “The language is really the same. We all speak in a particular rhythm. Just trust it.”
The late entertainer agreed to tackle the task and with help from Tilford and fellow cast member Harry Lennix, he was able to pull off the role.
Tilford says, “We just hammered it out, worked through it, and the brother turned in a beautiful performance.”
“H4” is expected to be released in the spring.

The Jamaican born artist put his hometown of Mt. Vernon on the map musically but tinsel town loved him just the same.


One of his first small screen appearances was on an episode of “A Different World” as himself and as Fatz Turner on the TV series “Booker.”


His most recent role on the big screen was in the Eddie Murphy and Ben Stiller comedy Tower Heist.

Take a look back on the acting career of Dwight “Heavy D” Myers. Rest In Peace. Back In 1990 the rapper was on ”Booker” as Fatz Turner. Then in 1993 he was on one of my favorite show ”Roc” as Calvin Frazier. 1995 Heavy hit up was featured on New Jersey Drive as Bo-Kane.

But the role most of us will remember him on is 1994-1996  season of “Living Single,” as Darryl… Check out the clip below…

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