HipHop Artist Dorian J son of 4X Grammy Award Winner Stevie J Debut Performance of His Hot New Single “Gotta Get Rich”


Dorian J was born in Buffalo, New York, to Rhonda Henderson who was a singer then and now is a pastor and author and Stevie Jordan who is known as 4x Grammy Award Winner Hitman Stevie J. With both parents being musically inclined it is no surprise that Dorian J. known to the world as Stevie J’s son would continue in his parents musical endeavors.

Now that Dorian J is all grown up he is no longer waiting in the balance of his dads music era, even though Stevie J still has his continued success in his music career Dorian J is eagerly determined to let the world finally know him as a HipHop artist songwriter in his own right. Dorian J’s sound of music is as clear as his message accompanied by his poised presence he is sure to engage this new generation of HipHop lovers and keep his fans on lock.
HipHop artist Dorian J is definitely ready to unleash, unlock and release his inherited God given talent that cannot be compared to or denied. Releasing his Debut as an HipHop artist with his Hot Hit New Single “Gotta Get Rich” in Jacksonville, Florida at his mother Rhonda Henderson Extravagent Book Signing gave the attendees a treat they were not expecting to see or hear his fan base increased heavily. With Dorian J’s long anticipated EP ‘Gotta Get Rich” is becoming an anthem that with the advise of his manager Ajeania G with All Things Media LLC. decided to drop a video onspot under the eyes of his new fan base Directed by GS Remarkable Dorian J’s “Gotta Get Rich” video on notice is the vision into the lifestyle he was destined to live. Check it out on, c, c, Dorian fanpage is Other sites are: Twitter: DORIAN_J, IG:DORIAN_J1, Soundcloud: DORIANJ,

Gotta Get Rich” is sure to set the tone of the new wave he’s rolling on with a stellar follow up his second Hot Hit New single “How Can I Not” will lyrically propel you into thinking that it shouldn’t be no other way than they way you want it.


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