Hoopz Can’t Sleep In The Bed With Shaq! {Video}


Anyone who’s ever been hit by their better half in the middle of the night knows that snoring can be pretty frustrating for the person who isn’t the actual snorer. And anyone who’s ever done the hitting can tell you that it is about as high on the annoyance list as annoyances get.

But most tend to get over it, as their pretty little bird tweets away deep into dreamland. That said, not everyone has to share chambers with Shaquille O’Neal, all 7-1 and 300-pound whatever of him. If your better half sounds like a hummingbird, then this guy has to come off like a full blown diesel semi-engine.


  1. awww I love them as a couple, she seem as though she holds her man down, care about his health and they have lots of fun together. Thats how a relationship suppose to be. They should get an reality show, I wlll watch


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