Hot-Top: Network Cancel/Renewal Programming Shows Severe Lack of Diversity?




How Hollywood’s focus on advertising dollars as the annual Network upfronts arrive reflects a more glaring look into its lack of diversity. A bloggers opinion below.

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Many fans of Hollywood television shows aren’t necessarily aware of how the mechanics of advertising for them work. Network upfronts are coming up soon. And it’s one Hollywood’s most frantic times.

Networks have to decide which shows stay, and which ones have to go to make way for new shows that Networks feel will have a better shot of captivating eyeballs. Basically if a show under-performs Networks have to give advertisers free make-up time. And these days nobody’s trying to “waste money” developing a show.

And as antiquated as that notion is, if for the simple fact that television is no longer a primary source for I, and many of the millennial’s way of watching programming, another is amazingly striking in 2014.

Of all the shows predictions listed, the lack of diversity is screaming at me through the computer screen.


Nothing so far.

Likely to be renewed:
“The Goldbergs”
“The Middle”
“Grey’s Anatomy”
“Modern Family”
“Marvel’s Agents of SHIELD”
“Once Upon a Time”
“Last Man Standing”

“Lucky 7”
“Back in the Game”
“Killer Women”
“Once Upon a Time in Wonderland”
“Mind Games”

On the bubble:
“Trophy Wife”
“Super Fun Night”
“The Neighbors”

“The Big Bang Theory”
“Blue Bloods”
“Criminal Minds”
“The Good Wife”
“Hawaii Five-0”
“Mike & Molly”
“The Millers”
“NCIS: Los Angeles”
“Person of Interest”
“2 Broke Girls”
“Two and a Half Men”

“We Are Men”

On the bubble:
“The Crazy Ones”
“The Mentalist”


“The Originals”
“The Vampire Diaries”

Likely to be renewed:
“Hart of Dixie”
“Tomorrow People”
“The 100”


On the bubble:
“Beauty and the Beast”
“The Carrie Diaries”
“Star Crossed”


“Bob’s Burgers”
“Brooklyn Nine-Nine”
“Family Guy”
“The Following”
“The Mindy Project”
“New Girl”
“The Simpsons”
“Sleepy Hollow”

“Raising Hope”

On the bubble:
“Almost Human”


“The Blacklist”
“Chicago Fire”
“Chicago PD”
“Parks and Recreation”

Likely to be renewed:
“Law & Order: SVU”
“About a Boy”
“Growing Up Fisher”

“Michael J. Fox Show”
“Sean Saves the World”
“Welcome to the Family”

On the bubble:

How many of these endless shows have minority representation? In a country that statistically show minorities, particularly Latino Americans are on the rise, how is it Caucasians still dominate the  vast majority of programming?

The debate over this, I feel should end. Personally it’s one of the main reasons why I don’t watch much TV. To scroll past a lot television channels today, it feels like its a secret club only those of non color are permitted. And though some TV shows offer compelling story lines, the casting is so bland it fails to reach me in any real way.

Perhaps I’m wasting my time even bringing up the topic, but it’s time someone in a powerful position in Tinseltown understand its time to diversify its way of business or lose a big portion of the millennial’s who are beyond over it.

But its just a only bloggers opinion I thought I’d share.


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