How Original Snooki’s Halloween Costume “Pickle Princess”


Can someone please tell me what these people be thinking? Snooki hosted a Halloween party at Jet in Las Vegas and came dressed in a costume as a “Pickle Princess”. Yes, people a pickle princess. She could have just come as herself? Here are all the pic’s… Spotted @ Dlisted


  1. I mean the title of the costume is just plain weird, but the execution is very nice. Those shoes are amazing and the dress is very clever. I liked that she went out the box with it. How redundant would it have been for her to go as “Snooki as Snooki?” then we’d be talking about how unoriginal she is instead.

  2. Well, for those of us that have seen a few episodes of Jersey Shore, knows that Snookie loves herself some pickles. Wendy Williams even gave Snookie some Whiskey flavored pickles on her show.


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