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How Unoriginal Can You Get?


Last night was the Republican Convention and we all know that at these conventions the spouses of the candidates have to make a speech. Well, Melania Trump who is an immigrant by the way decided to take it upon herself to steal Michelle Obama’s speech that she made at the Democratic convention in 2012, anticipating President Obama’s second term in office.

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Now, you know the media had a field day with this one right? The memes and actual posts from celebrities in disapproval of this speech were out of this world this morning and still are. How do you think that you would be able to just get away with stealing an entire speech for one of the largest political conventions there are during this race.


I also put emphasis on the fact that she is an immigrant because we all know that Donald Trump is against immigrants. But he is a walking talking contradiction because we are all in the same boat when it comes to that. Newsflash to everyone on earth we are ALL immigrants. The big melting pot is the reason that the world goes round.





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